Bates Motel 5.05. This Is Us 1.15. Switched at Birth 5.08. Switched at Birth 5.09. Scandal 6.05. The Good Fight 1.05. American Crime 3.04. American Crime 3.05. Hollywood Darlings 1.04


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Shows I will follow or need to catch up on this summer:

  • Girlboss
  • Twin Peaks
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  • Degrassi
  • The Catch
  • F is for Family
  • Nashville
  • Younger
  • When Calls the Heart
  • Feud
  • Transparent
  • When We Rise
  • The Handmaid’s tale
  • Shut Eye
  • Mad Men – give another try
  • Stranger Things – give another try

Bates Motel 5.05

He looked like a madman.
Did she leave with a man?
How amazing would she be as a grandmother?
With a look of an escaped convict.
Norma told me Norman killed his dad.
Sometimes I see my mother when she’s not really there, sometimes I become her.
Come on Norma, you were not that drunk.
Norma Bates found in an apparent suicide.


This is Us 1.15

I think we were all shocked when Kevin left his play to calm Randall down during his anxiety attack. I’m really happy he has though, I love when a TV show prove that people can actually change and the depression talk was relatable.

Do I have issues, yes, but deep down I’m awesome.
You’re putting too much pressure on yourself son.
I have struggled with depression ever since I was a teenager.
Count all the extra painkiller I had left.
Any of that scares you?
You never really talk about your dad’s death.
I can’t seem to, I’m not there yet.


Switched at Birth 5.08

Simone is back!

We have an electric bill??
I didn’t meet the Kennishes till I was 15.
I think most people are trying to say the right thing, they just don’t know how.
I’m basically getting paid for taking doctors out for lunch and let them hit on me.
Regina, my sponsor, because I’ve been so unhappy that I almost fell off the wagon last week.
This is my son, Carlton.
I’m the funky artist with a cool car.
it’s like I’m saying goodbye to being a kid.


Switched at Birth 5.09

Travis tells his mother her brother molested him, it’s one of the best episodes.

That’s the guy who did it.
Guess what, the brother you worship molested me.
She’s never going to believe me.
I know my signing wasn’t good last night. I was just so nervous.
He took me into the garage.
He’s not making this up.
You never saw it, and how could you not notice how things changed between us, whenever he was around.
That’s why I was angry, because you never learned my language.
It’s too late. I don’t need it now, I needed it when I was 12.
I was scared, I thought it was all my thought. I couldn’t tell you.
And he knew that all that’s why he took advantage of me. Because I was the deaf kid who didn’t tell his mom.
I was helpless.
I’m so sorry.
Please help me, please.
I think what he needs to hear is that you believe him.
I believe you.


Scandal 6.05

You say dance monkey, the monkey dances.
First rule of self defence, don’t get into the car.


The Good Fight 1.05

Everyone knows it’s the SVU vs Trump case. From the looks of it, NBC won’t show Trump’s episode, but SVU has been renewed for season 19 and that’s all that matters! This episode of The Good Fight had Elsbeth Tasconi and Matthew Perry’s character come back and Kathy’s brother from The Big C join the cast. We’ve also learned that Maya’s father may be framing her.

That would require your father turning on you.


American Crime 3.04

So my favorite storyline finished in episode 4? That’s a bummer.

I screwed guys in alleys because that was better than where I came from.
Your son did it to himself.


American Crime 3.05

I haven’t watched the first season, but this one is only slightly better.

Women get raped all the time.
It asks for work history, what If I don’t have any?
I don’t want to do this anymore.
He hit me.


American Crime 3.06

Episode 6 and Shay is dead. Season 3 seems to be very slow, but I thought It concluded really well.

I write them to God.
Minimum wage 7.50 an hour.


American Crime 3.07

Felicity Huffman’s character this season is amazing.

She failed her drug test.
You brought that crazy woman into this house!


Hollywood Darlings 1.04

Jodie lost a shitload of weight after Dancing with the Stars, she looks fantastic!

Fuck your minivan.
There’s a difference between yoga breathing and annoying asshole breathing.
I’m not your sweetheart.
Why didn’t you tell me once I drive the fuck out of here, I can’t return it.
I don’t have time to deal with your crazy ass.
Two can’t play this game.
What would your one million followers say?


Greys 18.13. Bones 12.10. SVU 18.13. The Middle 8.18. The Goldbergs 4.19. The Goldbergs 4.20. Switched at Birth 5.07. Riverdale 1.08. American Crime 3.01. American Crime 3.02. American Crime 3.03


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Where the hell is my SVU renewal? I still have Grace and Frankie, When Calls the Heart and American Crime to catch up on and Girlboss, Feud and When we Rise to start. I won’t watch anymore The Good Fight till June, same with Transparent.

Greys 13.18

Ellen Pompeo’s directing debut. Every time they mention Ellis Grey it makes my week. Maggie’s mom dies after Maggie pushes he too much. Richard met Maggie’s dad.

Tell Meredith not to what? Drink too much? Fall in love? She never finished that thought.
I’m really glad she found you.
Meredith, darling, you’re fired.
I’d like to pay my respect you Ellis. Where is she burried?
I love my mother enough not to say screw it and throw her down a damn drain.
She is a happy person, she’s cheerful, this will give her darkness.
I think about my mother’s not all the time.
Ellis never forgave me.
Tell Meredith not to be afraid.
Goodbye, mom.


Bones 12.10

Bud Bundy guest stars. Betty White is back and no longer an anthropologist. I was shocked when Brennan told Wendell he clearly doesn’t like being an anthropologist, considering he’s been here since season 5.

He played Bud Bundy on married with children for like 10 years. I love that show!
Sounds like Bud Bundy just threatened our victim.
Most people don’t love their jobs, they don’t even like them.
Please, Agent Andy, this needs to stay between the two of us.
I’ve never even been to Los Angeles.
You’re gonna love it. It’s a place of schemes and dreams and pros and cons, all about the show.
I couldn’t breathe if I didn’t do this anymore. I was so excited to write my dissertation because I loved what I was doing, and I couldn’t wait to keep learning.
You’re too smart to waste your life away on something that your heart isn’t in.
I like my job, but compared with you and the other interns.
There’s something bigger out there, you need to go after it while you still can.
You guys are like my family here.
That will not change.


SVU 18.13

Just a reminder that Olivia and her adopted son Noah are both children of rapists. This is why SVU is the best show. They haven’t mentioned Olivia being a child of rape since season 15 and it may have been a boring episode, but at least Olivia mentioned being a child of rape. Olivia spent the entire episode talking how there’s no such thing as rape gene, and then she clearly was concerned about Noah turning to one.

He said that he was born to be a rapist.
No, it’s not real and it’s ridiculous.
I did it okay, I raped her I was born this way. I was born to be a rapist.
You obviously didn’t tell Carissi about your father.
Did you turn into your father?
It repulses you, because you’re not a rapist.
My father was a rapist.
I’ll love you no matter what.


The Middle 8.18

Remember how exceptional the first 6 seasons were? Absolutely fantastic, this season? Not at all. At least Axl and Lexie hooked up. And the phone cracking was relevant. People crack their screens all the time.

Is this college or nursery home?
And then you were a teenager and you were just as delightful.


The Goldbergs 4.19

Prom was not even half as good as I expected.

The real Jackie.


The Goldbergs 4.20

What is happening to this show, this was boring.

Greatest adventure of growing up.


Switched at Birth 5.07

I cried when Angelo said he’s proud of Bay.

I lost my biological dad the day I got switched, and then I lost him when he died, and thanks to you I just lost him again.
I’m so proud of you.


Riverdale 1.08

My notes don’t explain how I gave it a 5, but I guess I enjoyed it.

Do you think you can walz in here with a bug infested trojan horse?
So you did to Poly exactly what you did to me.
A bou and a girl.


American Crime 3.01

Sandra Oh joined the cast. Are we supposed to be all in awe of this show, when it’s just a one long and much weaker SVU episode? Just like last season?

I want to arrest your pimp.
I sat here with kids your age, going through…You name it, they’re going through it.
Get them in, get them on a farm, get them working.
Don’t rush, go do your job.
Wanna hang out with me and my boyfriend?
Go get your ass up, go do some work.
If you let me, I will do anything I can to help you.


American Crime 3.02

Lynette Scavo is the only precious one this season, and I know last season we were supposed to hate her, but I feel like thisyear, her character is going to be very likeable. The only storyline I’m not enjoying is the one with the teenage drug addict working on the farm. The storyline of a father looking for his son never gets old.

If there’s a good way to talk about exploitation.
They’re spraying pesticides while we work, cover your face or you’ll be breathing poison.
What do men do with women?
My son.
Yeah I’m pregnant.
Have you been pregnant before?
How did that pregnancy end?
It ended.
They were trapped inside?


American Crime 3.03

The show finally got interesting with the Raping Fields and they even went as far as opening the episode with rape. But where the fuck is Lili Taylor?

I’m asking if I can do something.
I’m pregnant again and I’m not gonna keep it.
I don’t care about the phone, I just wanted to use the camera.
Just in case.
He’s my son.
You know what they call the fields?
The Green Motel.
The bosses think they can do whatever they want to women.
They can do whatever they want, nobody cares.4/10

Bones 12.09. Greys 13.16. Bates Motel 5.03. Bates Motel 5.04. This is Us 1.12. This is Us 1.13. This Is Us 1.14. Modern Family 8.18


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I will not be posting reviews of the last two Bones episodes, simply because they were the last two ever, and they were perfect and emotional and I wanted to really take those 90 min in and I believe I’ve succeeded. I was back to being a teenager falling in love with Bones for the very first time all those years ago  Also, I will be posting a separate single review of Thirteen Reasons Why.

Bones 12.09

Gordon Gordon is back and David’s wife guest stars. And it’s a hell of a final season!

Ah yes, poor doctor Sweets.
I could hardly pass this gorgeous creature without saying hi.
Buck and Wanda.
It’s not a good time, I’m looking for trees.
Bones, you’ve got this. I love you.
Bone crasher.
My wife and I have a few questions for you.


Greys 13.16

They’ve cast Eric Roberts as Avery’s dad!

I’m Jackson Avery, I’m your son.
Jackson, oh son!
You’re a surgeon?
Tell me something, anything, I know nothing.
I guess what I’m asking is are you happy?
I was born into that life and she was born for it.
Jackson, now that’s wonderful.
Thank you mom, for everything.


Bates Motel 5.03

He killed her, then froze her, who does that?!
She was everything to me. Our mom was crazy, she locked us up in a room for a day, two with no food, no bathroom. And the thing that got me through all that was being with Norma.
When did you two split up?
She left when she was 17. She took off with some guy from high school.
Because you were raping her.
I don’t wanna talk about that.
You don’t need to announce her, You’re not our butler.
It wouldn’t work because you’re both in love with me.
He’s your son.
And you’re my brother.


Bates Motel 5.04

He just ran out on the road, got hit, no one is at fault.
Don’t ever do that to me again.


This is Us 1.12

Well those Jane Fonda tapes are really working for me.
I want to freeze the time with them, so I can get a little bit more.
He’s pretty much perfect. I’ve seen what else is out there.


This is Us 1.13

What’s beneath the weight is more weight.
He’s this incredible little person.
They all loke him more than me, everyone does.
I have seen, and I’m not exaggerating here, every romantic comedy ever made.
Sounds like a recap, not a question.
In loving memory.
My ex husband, who i haven’t seen in 12 years shows up on my doorstep, what am I supposed to say?
You always have to go big, don’t you, Pearson?
For you, Sophie, always.
Sophie’s Kate’s best friend.
I can’t dad. I love her.
So this whole party was for Sophie.
I couldn’t make Kate feel better.


This is Us 1.14

How’s Kate?
I created a fake Facebook profile, so I could keep up with you.
You walking into my fourth grade class was the best thing that ever happened to me.
He worked himself into a nervous breakdown.


Modern Family 8.18

Man, that stuff is good.
Yes, we’re not an idiot.
What’s your team?
Gay. I’m not sure why that’s relevant.
This is the first part of every Lifetime movie about college girl meltdown.
And Tony from the Warehouse.
Watch a jerk steal your spot.


Bones 12.08. Bates Motel 5.02. The Middle 8.17. The Goldbergs 4.18. This is Us 1.11. Riverdale 1.06. Big Little Lies 1.03. Big Little Lies 1.04. Big Little Lies 1.05


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I have decided to leave Grace and Frankie, When We Rise, Feud and When Calls the Heart till April/May. I won’t have time to catch up on Transparent till late May. I’m starting Thirteen Reasons Why later next week. There’s also 10 films expiring on Netflix today and tomorrow that I want to watch.

Bones 12.08

That slow motion shot of Tempe throwing dirt on her dad’s caskett was one of the prettiest things I’ve seen all year. Sully is back, 10 years later.

Max used to buy this soda for the kids.
Sully, the only guy besides Booth who ever stood a chance.
You’ve aged.
Am i imagining or is there some sort of history there?
Without Sully, I don’t think I would have been ready for this, us. And I love this.
I love you.
I love you Bones, always.
My father gave up his life to protect my children.
The hardest battle Max Keenan started was over 10 years ago when he reentered my life.
Bye, dad.


Bates Motel 5.02

Vera’s French is the cutest thing I’ve heard in a while! Caleb finds Norma’s body. There were so many beautiful scenes this episode, including Caleb crying on Norma’s grave. I don’t understand why is Norma surprised Norman wants to date a girl that looks exactly like her, he was sexually obsessed with her last season!

I’ve gotten to know this nice girl Joanna, she’s really cute and nice.
I’m studying French.
What kind of French course is this?
Your sister, she passed away. It was a terrible tragedy. She died. She comitted suicide. It made the local news.
Norma Bates 1974-2015.
Norman Bates 1995-
I’m more of a doer.
What is it you’re always doing?
She looks like me, just like me, but 10 years younger.
Are you gonna be one of those guys?
Dylan, Norma’s kid. Your kid.
Don’t you dare talk about her like that!
We don’t have to talk about how you raped your sister.
She wouldn’t kill herself.
I warned Norma about her kid. I told her he’s gonna snap some day, she didn’t listen to me.
He’s not gonna get away with it.
Holy shit.


The Middle 8.17

Sue looked so pretty in that party dress! I was shocked to learn she likes Sean!

I’m not getting up at 6 to buy books.
I should have stayed at Ferguson.
Local woman finds hat in a tree.
I made the Dean’s list this year, of people graduating.
Anything you’d like to tell me?
Happy Birthday to you!
That was 5 months ago!
Cindy was the famme fatale.
You look so beautiful!
Do you need someone to go with you? Ron, get over here!
I was chasing something that wasn’t probably ever a thing.


The Goldbergs 4.18

Duh, that’s why she’d take the class. To learn.
Known as Bare.
She’s making them wear a bunch of schmatas.
Fuck me.
All that matter is me and you.
9 kids, are you crazy?!
There’s a medical emergency.
It’s time for you to start your life.
In loving memory of Lucky.


This is Us 1.11

Or girlfriends.
I prefer that.
See you’re not homophobic.
The thing is, that I’m kinda in love with you.
He told me that he loves me and I didn’t say it back.
I’d marry the hell out of you, ever since the moment I met you.
This is gonna be a great place to raise a family.


Riverdale 1.06

School for troubled youth.
I’m here to see my sister Polly.
Does he know that I’m here?
Who, Polly?
Polly, Jason is dead.
I pay the sisters good money, you think they don’t notify me if Polly get’s a visit?
Did you kill Jason Blossom?
This whole car is a crime scene.


Big Little Lies 1.03

Reese crying over learning her new friends has been raped is the single good thing on this show.

Can I call you Madeline?
As opposed to what? Arthur?
And then he got aggressive.
Then he finished.
You’re the first person I told about it.


Big Little Lies 1.04

So Reese was sleeping with that colleague of hers? And I thought this show couldn’t get any more predictable. And what up with that random car accident?

Somebody’s biting our daughter.
She was sexually assaulted.
Anything in his background?
Like he was angry he had come to this world.
Plan? For what?
For what to do when he hurts you.


Big Little Lies 1.05

Wait so the play is about puppets fucking and they all think it’s appropriate for children?!
Why don’t you and Doug have sex? Because I was raped?
I’d kill him if I could.


Bones 12.07. Bates Motel 5.01. Greys 13.17. Nashville 5.11. Switched at Birth 4.05. The Goldbergs 4.15. How to Get Away With Murder 3.15. This is Us 1.10. The Simpsons 28.16. The Good Fight 1.03. Modern Family 8.15. Riverdale 1.07. The Good Fight 1.02. Big Little Lies 1.02

Bones 12.07

Bones 12.07 was unnecessary. Did they really have to kill my favorite recurring character off?! He almost freaking made till the end! I am so mad about this. Rest in peace, Max Keenan. Max died saving his grandchildren. This was honestly one of the saddest episodes we’ve seen lately. I’m actually crying while rewriting these quotes, because I remember when he was introduced like it was yesterday. Why Bones why?! Max, you were awesome.

You had a pacemaker ingested into your chest and you didn’t tell me?
We’re sending you to a safe house.
There’s been a shooting. It’s the safe house where we put Max and the kids.
Where’s grandpa?!
They weren’t expecting your father in law.
Your father in law made sure they didn’t hear anything.
Pacemaker sends signal.
Tell me those children are okay.
I can help.
Dad, I’m here.


Bates Motel 5.01

Norman is daydreaming his mother is still with him and imagining someone who isn’t there being right next to you is the most delightful and painful way to get through life. I know best, I’ve been doing it since I was like 6. I just don’t understand why they’re introducing some Norma look alike as Norman’s future girlfriend. He’ll kill her by the end of the series anyway. Emma and Dylan had a baby?!

Oh, mother.
It is what we signed for.
Norma Louise must be over the moon about this.
We are Bates Motel, this is not that kind of establishment.
For starters, I’m dead.
A mentally ill boy and a dead woman. We’re doing it. We’re actually doing it.
I don’t know the exact circumstances of how he came into this world.
It’s not like we haven’t done this before.


Greys 13.17

That Cristina reference and Ellen taking as back to season 1 with her deliverance. The way she said ‘name one’ and we’re back in season 1 listening to her wanting to learn more about Derek. Mer and Nathan are happening and I’m very happy with it. All I can hope for is that season 14 is set in New Zealand. Ellen’s directorial debut is up next week! And I need to rewatch the episode, because Snapchat deleted my snaps of that Kiwi boy speech when he said he worshipped Mer since day one.

We were surgeons, now they’re surgeons.
Her reasons are for sex.
When I said I do, I meant I do.
How could you let me talk to her like that?!
You are at least as messed up as I am.
I would love to ask Cristina how suffocated she felt by you.
You don’t get to call what’s normal.
I was already an amazing mom.
16:22 is the time of death.
I think I’m in love with Jo.


Nashville 5.11

So when is Nashville back from the hiatus? In June? They all sang with Rayna and it was beautiful.

Why did they want Maddie and not both of us? We both sang.
We’ll have Juliette’s album and we need to get Maddie in the studio as soon as possible.
They’re about undying love.
I hate that I can’t share it with Deacon. Each year I want to pick up the phone and tell him.
I just forgot how sad I was for one moment and I feel like the worst daughter.
After all those years ot feels like we’re 19 again locked our eyes for the first time.
God knows the both of us, we tried.
That’s the only way we can finish it they way she would have loved.


Switched at Birth 4.05

I don’t think she knew what it meant, I didn’t. I had a history lesson before I got out of preschool.

She meant wherever you came from.
I stayed up all night, went to different pizza parlers.
I don’t matter, they’ll just let me starve to death.
Until they’re expelled, I’m not eating.
This is for the people who told me I’m pretty, for a black girl.


The Goldbergs 4.15

Adam went to school with that kid from Little Rascals! Shitty episode otherwise, at least Erica and Jeff hooked up!

This is Dave Kim, a tiny freshman creeper who dresses like Welma from Scooby Doo.
When it’s really Jeff Schwartz who you love.
The real Rid Robb.


How to get Away With Murder 3.15

Gow old was Charles when he raped Wes’s mom? 16?! I am so hating this whole thing about who killed Wes.

I’ve been running for 10 years.
3rd floor bathroom.
Another entitled law student.
I’m gay. Not eating for 48 hours is only gonna up my shirtless selfie game.
This is so illegal.
So is killing your professor’s husband.
Your husband took what he thought he deserved, raped that woman and  life came out of it. A black boy that you and he could never love.
Christof wasn’t Wallace’s son, he was Charles’s.
All along supporting your son, the rapist.
That he was my Barrack.
When did you know with Wes?
When it was too late.
They found Rebecca’s body.
He was a murderer.
I’m doing this for you, all of you. So you don’t have to go to prison and get naked in group shower and crao in front of people that may rape you. It’s death in there.
You can’t go down with what I did.
Wes killed my husband, he confessed to it that night. In the end he was a monster and he killed himself.
Better to kill yourself than to go to jail.
It should have been me, I know that. He’s a rapist and probably a killer.
Stop that girl!
He felt like my son.


This is Us 1.10

Did they just ask an obese person if they binge? Why do you think we can’t stop? Toby has a heart attack.

Do you ever binge?
Maybe when you were a kid.
Also lat month.
Di I do this? I did, didn’t I?
With the food. I didn’t know If I was bringing it up too much, or if I wasn’t enough. I never knew what to say. Did I do this to you?
I don’t know.
The one thing I cannot live without is you.


The Simpsons 28.16

The Parent Trap reference! Can we discuss how this show is still in its prime 28 years after it premiered?

Every night they showed us The Parent Trap. What kind of parents break up twins and never tell them the other exist?!
Simpson, I’m giving you a raise.
No need to take your pants off.
It’s not what you think. I just had a big lunch.
I do everything, but masturbate.


The Good Fight 1.03

Really mad about Maya turning out to be bi, not gay.

I’m Marissa, by the way.
I work for Diane, but when she’s out and you want anything, let me know.


Modern Family 8.15

Britney Queers.


Riverdale 1.07

Kudos for that Wes Craven reference! RIP horror genius.

Like an extra in a Wes Craven movie.
We need to find Polly before the Blossoms do.
The noose is tightening on your murdering daughter’s neck.
He was working for me, the weekend of July 4th.
My niece or nephew.
My parents, I don’t think they want to help you.
Everything for Alice Cooper’s daughter.


The Good Fight 1.02

I’ll rape you and cut your tits off.
See, it’s not so bad. *man’s toilet*
Who’s that?
My new assistant.


Big Little Lies 1.02

Go fuck yourself.

I’m not having sex.
You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.
Sexual assault? He kissed the girl!


Greys 13.15. SVU 18.12. The Middle 8.16. Nashville 5.09. Nashville 5.10. This Is Us 1.09. How to Get Away With Murder 3.14. The Goldbergs 4.14. Modern Family 8.14. Riverdale 1.05. Big Little Lies 1.01. The Good Fight 1.01


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Greys 13.15

For Greys this episode was just meh.

You need to replace the mattresses in all on-call rooms.
I’m the Avery of this hospital.
Floss. Can’t sleep without it.
I know.
Get anywhere with you? So you admit, there’s somewhere to get with you.
Some days will run you down.
I think about you a lot, I can’t stop, I’m telling you. I’m in, if you are.


SVU 18.12

What a wonderful episode.

Local girl makes good and this is her welcome home present.
Nothing has changed. You’re the same person that you have before.
Some survivors prefer to go public.
You didn’t do anything wrong.
A predator raped and assaulted you, embarrassment doesn’t even enter the conversation.
And what do I do, lieutenant? What’s my mission.
You heal.
Get away from me, bitch.
I cherish women.
Then I took a cab to go see my grandma.
Grandma? Is this guy for real?
In my work, over the years with survivors, there’s this amazing power, this freedom in coming forward. Something like this changes you, but it doesn’t reduce you.
It will not define me, it will not break me.I will not be ashamed of what happened to me. There’s only honor in being a survivor.


The Middle 8.16

Go find a place it will look nice in.
The Donaghues?
I like Axl.
Where can I put this towel, so the cleaning lady can find it.
Let it ring.
Hey everybody, my mom and dad are here! They never come to these things!
Ron did you throw away a flyer? Ron?!


Nashville 5.09

We all knew Connie thought of leaving, but this was brutal! Next episode Rayna had this line where she said she wants to live, because she has two daughters and now Connie just gave up on them. They brought Nashville back to kill Rayna off?

Oh my God, that’s Rayna James.
Miss Barnes?
If you know who I am, you know I don’t take orders.
She doesn’t care anymore. It’s just my mom. She’s the only one who cares.
It’s just a stupid concert.
Don’t say that. Don’t ever say that,okay You have a gift, honey. It’s your priveledge. It’s your responsibility to share that with people.
You know who also loves you? Deacon.
I love you, Deacon.
I love you, Rayna.
All I ever wanted was for you to be proud of me.


Nashville 5.10

You know how Juliette said she will never forget the first time she heard Rayna Jaymes sing and I will never forget the first time I heard this beautiful song Rayna had ‘. I don’t think a song has ever got me like this. Whole 100 percent. That song was me to the fullest.

Bucky crying and Maddie crying on stage and Daphne and Deacon helping her finish Rayna’s song.
Because your mother meant the world to so many people.
Why did mom have to die?
Life can be so beautiful and then so cruel.
Juliette Barnes would like to see you in her dressing room.
You’re her daughter, you should be doing this. This is not my song to sing, it’s yours.
I will never forget the first time I heard Rayna Jaymes sing.
Her daughter, Maddie.


This Is Us 1.09

I got my parents hooked on this show and they are just as mesmerized by it as I am. As of this week, I only have 3 episodes to go.

I can find people who can roll their tongue, they could be my birth parents.
She kept everything it, she always made sure we’re all safe.
He has an extraordinary father, who gives him everything.


How to Get Away With Murder 3.14

Just enough to make me want to die.
People get depressed, so they drink.
You’ve been coming here for 26 years nd you’re still a mess.
Conor might have killed Wes.
You should be begging her not to kill you right now.
Both of your sons are dead.
I can’t let you testify, but Laurel can.
Very good, did you learn that at Middleton or did you commit purgery before?
I want Wes’s immunity deal.
Whoever killed him cut the gas line.


The Goldbergs 4.14

Attention perverts, look away from the hot dog girl on a stick.
Nobody loved the mall more than my brother and sister.
You may not even have to pay for college.
Damn it, where is my pen?
You’re walking me down the red carpet at the Academy Awards.
If I ever get a job in show business, I am not taking you as my date as anything.
Our Hollywood dream is back on the table.
Your mom’s in La La Land.
A stethoscope?
For when you’re a doctor.
Keep making your movies.


Modern Family 8.14

That was without a doubt the shittiest episode of Modern Family.

He’s interviewing for a job in the Warehouse. He’s a forklift operator.


Riverdale 1.05

I put it in my notes to get that funeral song, and It’s Think up Anger – Shout, it was played when Cheryl walked to the aisle dressed in white, so that’s what I’m doing.

Every town has one, the house on the haunted hill, all the kids avoid.
No more sleeping in Jason’s bed.
Sorry to interrupt Social Breakfast Club.
Polly was trying to hurt herself, that’s why she was send away.Well of course you’re not
wearing it.


The Good Fight 1.01

I was enjoying this show until they made that SVU meets Trump episode. And I’m really angry with Maya being bi, not gay.

I’m a lawyer.
What about my retirement money.
Heard you got fired.
And she was just fired.
No you’re not, let’s go.


Big Little Lies 1.01

It’s not nearly as good as I hoped it would be, I do like the opening credits though.

He choked her.
I’m defending you, woman.
Defended her when she’s physically assaulted.


Bones 12.06. Greys 13.14. The Middle 8.15. The Goldbergs 4.13. Switched at Birth 5.03. Switched at Birth 5.04. This Is Us 1.08. Modern Family 8.17. The Simpsons 28.17


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Bones 12.06

Are you looking for a praise for performing the most basic tasks?
While Greg is an adequate security guard.
This is exactly why you shouldn’t call me Bones.
Oh good, cause it happens all the time.
Brought her own healthy food in those little topaware containers.
Yeah, I know the type.

I’m like a forensic foodologist.
Vibrations of the anal.
You can’t hide from me, you lamber slut.
That was obviously meant for you, ogr.
I found proof that Zach didn’t kill the lobbyist.
You think I planted evidence?


Greys 13.14

Kudos to Greys for bringing the psychiatrist back! This was an awesome episode, especially Meredith remembering Ellis and Derek.

I don’t do reunions. I don’t need to do superficial conversation with a bunch of people I barely remember.
How can she suspend you, don’t you own the hospital?
Put your hand down, intern.
We now only have one good kidney between them.
The husband, the son of a bitch wants to give his kidney.
I don’t want to be reinstated unless Richard Webber is as residency director, Minnick goes.
It looked like an abduction, press conferences, we walked through the forrest with flashlights. It was all we thought about for years.
You just got to let it go ok, Jo?
Oh my god, he’s an abusive husband.
I don’t know. I would just be happy she’s alive.
They gave up on her, they just buried an empty box in the ground and moved on. Had lattes, saw movies, they just lived their lives and all while their daughter was out there walking around in the rain in pain and they will never forgive themselves for that.
They shouldn’t.
Meredith, go back, don’t waste another day.
I want to, but every time I try, I keep hearing my mother’s voice saying ‘Meredith, it’s Richard’.
Hi mom.
Hi Clairebear. Come sit with me. You can sit with me.
Looks like they’re getting their little girl back.
When Derek died there was one day, just one day where i didn’t know where he was. I pretended everytjing was going to be okay, but inside I wa going crazy.
You see how people turned out, if they realized their hopes and and dreams or if they have lost their hopes and dreams. Or maybe you see that they have found what we all should find, brand new hopes and dreams.


The Middle 8.15

See that’s supportive parenting right here.


The Goldbergs 4.13

Thanks to our mom, the old Erica, that everyone loved, was back for good.
And for one night, disco was back.

We’ll always be Chadam, even if you’re in Hollywood and I’m running a flower empire.

Chad Kemp, still my best friend.


This is Us 1.08

The plane scene was everything!

Every time we take a picture, they always say, okay, now one with just the twins.

I gotta get a handle on myself on the weight and all of it.
Don’t worry I booked both of the seats.
Here’s your seat extender.

Why is there a photo of me in a letter you sent to William’s apartment.
Your family is amazing.
I want every Thanksgiving to be like this for the rest of my life.


Switched at Birth 5.03

Thank God for the sexual assault storyline.

She lost her V card with him.
I can’t believe you made it to Paris before me.
Prom tux!
Prom tux!
Not so loud, Deaf girl.
What’s going on? Are you to friends? Oh my god.
How could you be with him after what he did to me?
I know what I said.You’re not allowed to forgive him for what happened to me!
Sometimes life happens.
So long, Schmingo.
Do we really have the right to be judging who your ex-girlfriend’s dating?
When she’s dating your rapist, we do.
How can you be with this guy after what he did to Bay?
Tell him to back off or I’ll do something I should have done a long time ago.
I’m so sorry I wasn’t there for you.
You were in China.

She was in so much pain and I wasn’t there for her.


Switched at Birth 5.04

UMKC Roos? Really? This ain’t Australia.


Modern Family 8.17

I feel like Lady Mary in the last season of Downton Abbey.
I can’t go to the mall wearing my house heels.
They can’t super reject him, even though one of the schools used that exact phrase.
They will not just accept any cadaver.
That’s gas! How’d you get your licence?!
Mitchell Pritchett, parenting magazine.


The Simpsons 28.17

Retired bag boy.
Who’s this Mic you’re speaking to?
We’ll kill him too.


Bones 12.05. Nashville 5.08. Switched at Birth 5.06. How To Get Away With Murder 3.11. The Goldbergs 4.17. The Simpsons 28.14. Modern Family 8.16. Scandal 6.04. The Good Fight 1.04

Bones 12.05

We learn that Fisher had a thing for Brennan and wrote a fanfiction of them having sex and solving crimes together.

Boner Street.
Is Brennan really going to narrate her new book?
Contact lens. if we can pull his fingerprint off of it.
I myself spent time in foster care.
I have to record an audition.
I attended North-western.
I assure you, offence was taken.
More of an Adams Family kid?
Spiders, how about a warning.
Don’t ever take credit for how well I turned out.
A plot centred around a tormented intern who had an affair with his boss.
You’ve not only read my novels, you were once a devoted fan of them.
Despite your apathetic affectations, there are things in this life that bring you joy.


Nashville 5.08

Rayna’s attacker said everything we ever wanted to say to our favorite artist. Thanks for being there in my loneliest moments and understanding me when no one gave a crap.

I’m not going to a show with a creepy dude following me around.
I want to do my next album with you in the choir.
I got my period. I need new clothes. My clothes got all messed up.
I remember you and Rayna sneaking around when I was little.
I can’t believe Maddie called you.
I’m gonna push Highway 65 to sign you.
You’re not this angry kid anymore.
I wanted to tell you that you understand me better than anyone I’ve ever known.
How can that be true? I just met you.
That’s not true.
You met me the day I heard your first single on my Mom’s stereo back in West Memphis. You spoke to me in a way that I couldn’t speak to myself. You changed my life. You’ve known me for a very long time. And all I’ve ever wanted was to meet you.
It was given to me by an awful man. An alcoholic abuser like your husband.
Deacon’s not an abuser.
I wanted to talk to you ’cause I could see that you were different.
You weren’t like the ones that lie, and make fun of me behind my back.
Make up stupid excuses like I don’t know what’s going on.
You think you’re the only person who’s ever been abused in your life? I didn’t say that.
Well, I’ve got a story for you. And this is not something you’re gonna find on the Internet.
You wanna hear it? My father was a sociopath. Killed my mother, covered it up. And that happened when I was 12 years old. And I have to deal with that every day of my life. And then sometimes it gets to me, and I overcompensate with my husband. And in my business, and I say things to my daughters that I know deep down are just gonna make ’em want to run away from me. But it’s like I can’t help it. Cause that horror, it’s just right there at the surface. And I don’t want them to feel that.
And I don’t want them to think I’m feeling it. So I write songs and I sing them, cause that’s the only way I know how to deal with this pain that I carry inside me.
And that loser husband of mine? His daddy whipped him every single day. And that’s the same piece of crap that got him drinking in the fourth grade.
How is it we can be so awful to the people we love the most? That just makes me so angry.
Makes me so sad. I know you’re carrying that kind of pain too.
I see that.
But the only choice we have is we got to go on.
We can’t give in to that.
You give in to that, that evil man, he wins.
‘Cause that means he broke you just like he wanted to.
Now you being here right now, you’re giving in to it.
I have two daughters who need me, okay?
You’re working with Rayna James, right? 911 from her phone.
My husband goes by his middle name.
And that’s the same thing that got him drinking in the 4th grade.
I have two daughters.


Switched at Birth 5.06

Bay messes up good tattooing a gang sign on a kid’s arm.

It says here you’re 200 pounds.
I lost a lot of weight.
So you can just tattoo that?
They’re looking for diverse teachers.
I wouldn’t be pre-med if it wasn’t for you.
I had a heart transplant 3 years a go, on April 14th.
You have Angelo’s heart.


How to Get Away With Murder 3.11

Got him into law school.
We’re just gonna sit around and act all victimy.
You can call me whatever you want.
They think you’re a joke now.
This bitch. I’m no joke.
She did a DNA test on Wes, idiot.
I was pregnant 8 months, they killed my baby.
Sorry about your baby and Wes too.
Did you know her when she was pregnant?
She admitted she moved the body.
Wes was cremated.
I think Connor is the annonymous source this whole time.
That’s why we’ve been following you and trusting you. Because you said you knew what you were doing, but now one of us just got killed and we need to find out who did that.
You checked your voicemail.
You went to Annalise’s house that night, didn’t you?


The Goldbergs 4.17

Adam swears for the first time and everyone gets their own jar. Adam gets an Adam jar for everytime he says something nerdy. JTP gets a new member.

Who taught you to do this?
It’s gonna be fucking fun.
We’re like best fucking friends.
Oh, fuck , you’re so adorable.
Adam Jar for every time you say something nerdy.


The Simpsons 28.14

Smithers, the bodies. ‘Christmas decorations’.
People don’t deserve so many awards. People suck. They should just be glad to be alive.
Tofu bell.
I’m sure you have an explanation for where you were?
The best! I was eating hotdogs.
That is so stupid, it must be the truth.
Well, you were young then, and you’re stupid now.
If we split up, no one gets Homer.
That’s when I started eating my emotions.
I’m the smartest ball in the bag.
I would never forget you, how could I?


Modern Family 8.16

Nathan Fillion and Jane Krakowski guest star yet again in one of the most plain and uneventful episodes of Modern Family. Mitchell goes on a tea brunch with Hayley and Nathan Fillion and Cam join them, meanwhile Gloria fights with Jane Krakowski’s character.

You know it’s loud when you can’t hear my voice.


Scandal 6.04

Cyrus is stuck in prison and we learn that he did not do it.

I’m leaving you.
You said you’d never leave me.
Ready for the belt now?
Everyone in my family voted for Frank Vargas.
I don’t want you to bleed all over the carpet.
I am a monster, but I am your monster.
At some point the debt has to be paid.
Be a man you can be proud of, Cy.
I’m going to die in here.
I will always be your friend, but I will not speak to you again.
Give me your belt.
I’m innocent.
You’re innocent.
I just wanted to see you suffer.
I’m innocent.
Tom couldn’t do it, which means Cyrus is innocent.


The Good Fight 1.04

Matthew Perry guest stars and complicates things and I don’t think we could care less. Are we supposed to ship Maia and Clarissa?  And Maia is bisexual, not gay? What a disappointment.

Yeah, my girlfriend is pretty hot.
Was that the first time you slapped someone?
I guess it was.
Fuck you.


Wrote this post over the course of a week, while rewatching The Brave One with Jodie Foster for the 40th time and season 6 of Modern Family.