Saving Private Ryan

A classic World War II film from Stephen Spielberg starring Tom Hanks. If you haven’t seen it by now, please do. And if you watch Castle, look out for Nathan Fillion’s cameo!


Heavenly Creatures

Two teenage girls plan a murder of one’s condensending mother. They fall in love along the way. What a beautiful story. Kate Winslet is cast as one of the girls in this not so ‘Picnic at the Hanging Rock’ Aussie teen thriller. I just love Australian cinema, and if everything is as good as what I’ve seen so far, than I’m really happy I moved over here.


3096 Tage

Incredible adaptation of Natasha Kampusch’s heartbreaking story of kidnapping, the 8 years of captivity and escape. This film was equally brutal and painfully honest as Natasha’s amazing autobiography.


Fast Times at Ridgemont High

One of the few teen classics I yet had to see, and now I have and I absolutely loved it. Onto Dazed and Confused.



Also known as Perfect Mothers. Naomi Watts goes back to Australia (she’s British but moved to AU with her mom and brother at 14) and along with Robin Wright sleep with each other’s sons. I adored it.


The Girl

Who would have thought this is how The Birds were made. This film shatters my view on one of my favorite directors.



Rewatched the original before going to cinema to see Julie in the remake.


Jaws 2

I just love Jaws so much. One of my favorite horror subgenre, next to slashers and rape and revenge, is ‘shark and water creatures’ horrors.


We Were Soldiers

What a beautiful film from and starring Mel Gibson. Watch out for the talanted Madeleine Stowe, who plays Mel’s wife and helps deliver the shattering news of soldiers’ deaths to their wives. This is one of the very few films Madeleine starred in after retiring to a ranch in Texas 16 years ago.


Mary and Martha

A film starring Hilary Swank I never heard of  until I turned on HBO and it randomly popped up today. The film depicts focuses on the problem of malaria in Africa, as Hilary Swank tries to learn more about circumstances of her son’s death and the last few weeks of his life.


Avenging Angelo

By know you may have realized that I had a Madeleine Stowe marathon. I never realized how many intriguing films she was in, especially back in the 90s! I recommend this thriller to everyone!


Bad Girls

Western with prostitutes. Yeah, if you’re a straight guy or a gay girl reading this, you’re already looking for this film in online shops. Watched it this week and then I ran to HMV to get it on DVD. It’s not about prostitution, it’s about girl power. Women have always had it harsh. Any era, any time there is a conflict, a violent man can always threaten women with rape and that’s it, that’s how abusive people win over women. Even as strong as Madeleine’s character in Bad Girls. Bad Girls is a fun western, be ready to see Madeleine Stowe kick ass, and be a little bit disappointed with the other three ‘bad girls’ (Mary Stuartson from my other favorite film Green Fried Tomatoes, Andie McDowell and Drew Barrymore) wait around and disappoint.


Short Cuts

Julianne Moore and Madeline Stowe in one film, yes please! I know that this film is partially famous for the scene where Julie recites a long monologue, naked from waist down. I am always very protective of actresses, because of how Hollywood works, and the certain things that are expected of them in order to go far in their career. I do not mean couch casting, I mean unessesary nakedness. But when I look past scenes like that one, (there’s quite a few of those), it’s a really good film. I cannot find it on DVD anywhere, but I will one day.


The Addams Family

Both films are amazing, I hope I’ll get to see the TV Series one day.


The Addams Family 2


Curse of Chucky

Certainly better than the third one, and I’m happy they’re still making Chucky films. There can never be enough of them. The other creepy doll I love is the ‘living dummy’ from R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series from the 90s. But Chucky is creepy and hilarious! And he actually got kid’s soul this time.

The 80s were awesome.
Chucky, I’m scared.
And you fucking should.
Women. Can’t live with them, period.
Just keep your fucking mouth shut.


Resident Evil 2

Yeah ok, the third one was much better and it had little Spencer Locke in it. This one is not at all memorable.


Revolutionary Road

Leo and Kate back at it. Too sexual for my taste, and nowhere near as good as Titanic.



If it’s not Nosferatu, The Lost Boys,  Stake Island or The Hunger with Catherine Deneve, I don’t care for vampire films, but I loved everything about this one.


The Way Way Back

I love crying at family movies, here I could barely squeeze one tear when he was leaving.


Ramona and Beezus

I tried so hard not to watch it, even though it has Sandra Oh in it, but then it was on and  it does have Sandra Oh in it.