This is going to be a lot of episodes. Since it’s Easter and the uni library is closed, I have pretty much nothing to do, and I have already planned the next three days, or actually 10 days, this post is on the list. I do not have any films left to watch, I do in fact, but this can wait three months. As for today, I decided to take a little break, and listen to the lecture in the evening. I ended up watching the pilot of Greys for the 40th time probably and the rewatching 7.09 episode where everyone is drunk and Meredith and Alex are the last ones standing. But I’ll cut to the case.

Grey’s Anatomy 9.17

Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. I love that we’re done with d Mercy West part in d name, and I am really happy but I will miss Seattle Grace.

‘Welcome to my funeral.’

‘No one asked you to sue the hospital into bankruptcy.’ ‘For the plane crash that killed Lexie?’


Grey’s Anatomy 9.18

That Arizona/Callie scene was all I’ve been waiting for. Jessica was spectacular. Exactly how I would write it. Best scene since ‘I like the girl who has the sandwiches’. Just kiddin’ they had many amazing scenes. So damn perfect. ‘No, Callie, don’t.’ Oh the pain, perfection.


Grey’s Anatomy 9.19

Noooo, Mer, no you don’t need to know that!


SVU  14.16

‘Women and girls look up to you, if you stand up and say ‘no more’ (…) We know that when men do this once, they do it again, the bottom line here is that you are not safe.’

‘Open hand, closed hand, can you see the difference or? There’s a three second rule on chocking? It was too quick for you to help her out? Just watch her get beat?’

‘Anyone who says that, you should block them immediately, cause what he did to you is despicable.’

‘So what do we do now?’ ‘We wait.’ ‘For what?’ ‘The inevitable.’


SVU 14.17

Everyone goes undercover. Does every cop have to be dirty, or suspected of being dirty? Why does Liv go out with Brian (who even knew that was his name? Sounds weird, right?) after he slept with prostitutes and I really did not want to have an image of Liv going down on him in my head, damn you, SVU.


SVU 14.18

I have no idea why we no longer have child victims, when these cases are most disturbing and simply the best. Anyway that was fine, very SVU, good. I was waiting for Liv to tell the girl or the jury she’s the product of rape.

‘Do you remember when you asked me about my father and I told you that it was a long story? It’s not that long.’


Bones 8.18

I have no idea what happened to good old Bones, and when did it go wrong. Why none of the cases are rememberable.


Bones 8.19


Bones 8.20

Nobody wants to see Caroline flirt with some guy. We love Caroline, but, no. Bones being all am I not a nice, likeable person, hilarious. Again, I do not remember the case.


Castle 5.17

Wes Craven! Why the hell did he say ‘all Nightmares’, he created the Nightmares, directed and produced two and written three, didn’t want to do more. Wes Craven does not sleep at 3.12, he has just woken up. 3 am is the devil’s hour.

‘Friendly competition my ass.’


Castle 5.18

I don’t know if I’m happy to see this version of Ryan, or if something really doesn’t work here. The scene when he was calling their names, beautiful.


Shameless 3.07

‘Bullshit. 30 Days? Frank hasn’t been sober for 30 minutes.’ ‘Mind your own business. Just give me the chip. Just let me borrow it.’

‘Only requirement for membership is d desire to stop drinking.’ ‘Exactly.If I’m tempted by d bottle,I can look to d chip for encouragement.’

”For the better? You’re all dying a slow, miserable death, thanks to this cult of self-improvement. Drop off the kids, 9 to 5 PTA, AA…You call that a life? This ain’t North Korea. Alcohol is a gift.’

‘Alcohol is a cruel mistress.’

‘U’re prepared 2 b responsible for them until they’re 18?U have 1 brother who’s 2.That’s 16 more yrs.We’re talking about d rest of ur life.’


Shameless 3.08

Option 4, Kill him.


Shameless 3.09


Shameless 3.10


Revenge 2.15

‘I’m standing here covered in the blood of one of the only people that I ever loved.’


Revenge 2.16


Revenge 2.17


The Carrie Diaries 1.08

‘Carrie Bradshaw, a lawyer? You have no idea who ur daughter is or what she wants. Just because they aren’t your dreams for her, doesn’t mean they aren’t real and unattainable. Your job is to let her become d person that she wants to be. It’s a matter of who and what she she wants to be. She’s a hell of a writer. Did you know that? She writes about the world in a very special way, like she’s seeing it n learning from it.She’s got a voice. Let her use it. What if writing is her calling? If you don’t let Carrie explore the world n figure out what she wants to be, she’ll never become the person she’s supposed to be…Someone who’s happy and loves who she is.’


The Carrie Diaries 1.09


The Carrie Diaries 1.10


The Carrie Diaries 1.11


Pretty Little Liars 3.21


Pretty Little Liars 3.22


Pretty Little Liars 3.23


Pretty Little Liars 3.24

We all knew Alison was alive. N dat Jenna was seeking revenge, as we haven’t seen her lately. But why do they add a new char after 3seasons?