I have figured out the way to post as frequently as before, I have downloaded this app for my Galaxy Note and now I can write just as much as I want.

This week, yet another Julianne Moore marathon.

The end of the Affair

All the jelousy, ‘He killed me with jelousy, you’re killing me with love’, blaming God for talking her away from him. An absolutely sensational film. The question is if she died of tuberculosis, he does know he’s gonna die too, right? Why was that was mentioned?


What I love about this part is there is more action than in the first part. In The Silence of the Lambs, I personally was not intrigued by the side story of the girl being kidnapped, but absolutely fascinated with the Clarice/Dr.Lecter relationship. It must have been really hard for Julianne to live up to the perfect charcter created by Jodie Foster, but she did a great job in the end. What I really liked was that after all those years they still obsessed over another. My favorite scene, or actually part is the last act, after he dresses her into this dress (shame we did not see that, I would love to see Lecter’s reaction) and serves the meal. How her hair gets stuck in the refrigiator and they finally kiss and he chops off his hand instead of hers, though everyone knew he would not hurt her, and finally the scene by the water where she identifies herself as Agent Clarice Sterling. One more thing, if the guy was a millionaire, why didn’t he get a better looking face?



Why do they keep doing remakes of the best films ever made, what is the point? Classic stays a classic, no remake is needed, as no remake is going to be better than the original. The sister and the boyfriend were my favorite characters, no doubt. I really do not see Vince Vaughn as Norman, in some scenes he was good enough, in most just average. I would have not watched it if it did not have Julianne. Remake like remake, nothing more, but not disastrous.


Crazy. Stupid. Love.

For more than a year I have been telling myself, I’m not watching this, even on the plane three weeks ago I could have watched it and did not. Somehow I did end up watching it, as I had a need for a light romantic comedy type kind of film. First of, we all knew she was her daughter, why would you put Emma Stone with Julianne Moore in the same film when there is no other lead female characters. The fight outside their house was absolutely hilarious, I rewinded it two times, Julianne’s ‘Jessica!’ killed me, so has the parents meeting where we find out he slept with 9 women. I was actually nicely surprised with this one, not the dating part, for a 21st centry romantic comedy, it was really decent and I definitely recommmend it.


Savage Grace

One of my favorite Julianne Moore movies, though the plot does not stick to what we read about the family presented in the film. The incest scene was the best scene of the whole film, but there were many unconsistencies. I knew the threesome was made up, as that did not make sense at all. The mother wanted to fix him, by having women sleep with him, she would not allow him to make out or maybe even sleep with her boyfriend, I am not surprised they got sued for going too far. The next thing that was absurd was that the murder happened a few mintes after the incest, they made it look like he blamed her for forcing him to do this, when we read that the affair was an ongoing relationship and even if they wanted to go this way, he let her, there is no way he would have killed her right after this scene. What is more, we did not see any signs of his madness, she was outgoing, butnot crazy, and so was not he. The should have focus on his disease. The film does not say that he has played with knives before. The bathroom scene, though one of the best, it was nicely implied he had sex with this boy, but the mother was not angry, though later, she could not stand his homosexuality. The last point is casting, I know the character was a beautiful woman herself, but it would be easier to understand the issue if the mother was played by a less attractive actress, no man feels sorry for the son when Julianne plays the mother. Despite all the flaws and plot holes it was an incredible film.