I din’t have much time to watch anything for almost 2 months, as I changed two subjects, and had to study 2 different things, now that I passed all the exams, I give you a list of what I watched.

How Do You Know?

I am pretty mad this movie as even Jack Nicholson didn’t save it, by the way to be true his and Paul’s characters story was so boring and unnecessary this is just humiliating.  I loved a Overnight Delievery, movie from 1996, Reese and Paul Rudd starred in together (I always call him Phoebe’s husband by the way (Friends)), that movie was amazing, and I wentto the cinema expecting a big reunion and I see this, nothing. Reese looking good as always, love that woman! And we get our beautiful ending and a bus stop that was cute.

My rate: 3/10.

Hit and Run

I actually liked it a lot. Great ending, good story, though I don’t get how could she though when i say He unburied himself, it just sounds funny.

I don’t think I need that bumper anymore.

My rate: 7/10.


Not bad I have to say, I was shocked when I saw Katheryn Winnick aka Hannah from Bones, Lisa’s story was pretty annoying.

It’s funny right?

My rate: 5/10


This was a terrible movie, very low budget, and the only thing I like was the lake, the room of the killer with all the pictures of victims and a last shot where victims were under the water. That’s it, I can’t say anything else was good. One of the worst horror movies I’ve seen.

My rate 1/10

The Cycle

Another terrible horror movie, well not as bad as the previous one, but not good either. Terrible ending.

My rate 2/10.

Glory Road

That was a very good movie, I don’t know if I have something bad to say except for what the hell is wrong with Emily Deschanel’s voice in this movie? Don’t tell me they switched her voice with some other woman, because if I were her, I would be mad. I really liked it but I think that black were just too self confident in one point, because this was pretty weird how furious they were when they found out that on of them was bullied. Anyway, very nice movie, and no you do not have to play basketball to like it.

My rate: 9/10.

Guess this is it, though i might have forgotten sth.