I have just restored it, and now I post it here, since it’s a kind of my diary. Not all the tweets  got restored, but most of them. Pretty much proud of myself. If you’re bored you can read, but just put this for myself, to remember the good and bad times. Time zone: +0000

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Wed Oct 20 07:05:04 I just loooved the amazing tribute to Lost at Scream awards! Never getting over you, LOST!
Sat Oct 16 10:18:58 You have no idea how I hate Sam right now. I’m begging you @shondarhimes to split them up! Addie deserves a baby too!
Fri Oct 15 06:38:44 @TheAmyBrenneman aka Violet was incredible in this episode!
Wed Oct 13 15:10:29 Happy birthday @katewalsh ! You’re an amazing human being and an excellent actress!
Tue Oct 12 20:32:56 Courteney Cox and David Arquette are both trending topics now, so sad they have separated Hope CeCe’s fine.
Tue Oct 12 20:02:45 Eng test. Of course I knew Elvis bought over 100 Cadillacs, and that’s only because of the amazing @katewalsh starring in Cadillac’s com!
Fri Oct 08 17:16:14 “Nobody chooses to be a freak. Most people don’t even realize they’re a freak until it’s way too late to change it.” – #greysanatomy
Fri Oct 08 17:08:14 You’re my best friend. But when I look at you now…I just want to slap you across the face.” – Naomi about Addison! #privatepractice
Fri Oct 08 17:05:58 Every day you didn’t tell me about the two of you, you lied, because you knew telling the truth would be hard…And you’re a coward…
Fri Oct 08 17:05:23 You’re a cheater, and while Sam and I aren’t married anymore, you knew what you were doing was wrong, and so you lied to me…
Fri Oct 08 17:04:48 “You’re selfish, Addison. You always have been.The tunnel vision that makes you a great surgeon also makes you a crappy friend…
Fri Oct 08 16:59:17 PP’s amazing! We finally know why Sam quited surgery & I loved Naomi’s speech bout Addie! I was hoping Sam & Nay’d get back 2gether this ep!
Thu Oct 07 16:39:50 Incredibly hilarious Cougar Town episode!
Fri Oct 01 17:32:29 I am still hoping for Maddison. Lexi finally told Mark in yday’s Greys to let her be. Wake up Mark, go to LA, and fight for Addison!
Fri Oct 01 17:29:37 I am so happy for the merging thing! I always wanted them to join 2 practices together! Sheldon is great this season. Poor Naomi though.
Fri Oct 01 14:54:10 Happy Vegetarian Day to all the animal lovers!
Mon Sep 27 16:11:11 Bree: I’ve got sth called moonstruck yellow, that’ll kick ur dinning rooms ass. With your red hair you’ll look so hot in this room.
Mon Sep 27 15:56:39 We’re back on Wisteria Lane.
Sat Sep 25 12:40:51 you’re like my favorite damn disease! Hell, yeah!!!
Sat Sep 25 12:40:21 I like your pants around your feet, I like the dirt that’s on your knees, I like the way U still say please, while you’re looking up at me..
Fri Sep 24 20:24:52 Did I tell you how amazing the Private Practice and Greys Anatomy episodes were last night?
Thu Sep 23 15:14:11 Cougar Town is baaack! Sooo happy!
Wed Sep 22 17:42:37 Addison: ‘Mark, I said put something on top of it, not put you on top of me.’ ;D the best private practice scene ever! #privatepractice
Wed Sep 22 15:40:39 Monica: Well, I suppose that Chandler will have the smoked duck. Chandler: I suppose that Monica will have the manipulative shrew. #FRIENDS
Wed Sep 22 15:37:26 On 22.09.94 theworld fell in love with a group of friends from Manhattan. The beginning of an ERA started 2day,16 yrs ago. Happy Bday, FRIENDS!
Wed Sep 22 15:16:42 Cougar Town in just 1 day, and Private Practice in 2! That keeps me alive.
Wed Sep 22 15:14:45 Finally saw Resident Evil 4.
Mon Sep 20 20:18:31 Sheldon: Addison, I’m telling you, it’s time to GROW THE HELL UP! Okay?’ I love this quote so damn much! #privatepractice
Mon Sep 20 18:00:08 Happy Bday @spencerlocke ! You’re great on Cougar Town!
Fri Sep 17 14:10:17 I’m turning 17 today and I’m freaking out just as much as a year ago =)
Tue Sep 14 20:13:51 You can buy Season 3 of Private Practice on DVD now! And there are the bloopers http://youtu.be/jnWmrzrJcx8
Sat Sep 11 17:59:15 I miss the old Greys. When everyone was an intern.
Sat Sep 11 16:58:23 If u wonder why I’m quiet bout CT, it’s cause of Aniston guest starring, everytime I see that woman, I’m like, wtf is she still doing on TV?
Sat Sep 11 16:48:24 Just turned on comp & guess what? there’s finally a Private Practice Season 4 promo http://youtu.be/XpXKWRrf8aE I seriously can’t wait.
Sat Sep 04 17:11:13 Why is it so, that the Desperate Housewives promo is out there, and there’s no promos for CougarTown/PPractice/Greys/V yet? http://youtu.be/YGt0KEAKBPk
Sat Sep 04 16:04:41 ‘Dorian Gray’ was, well different from book Some scenes looked like they were taken from a horror movie =) & Colin Firth great as always.
Tue Aug 31 14:56:21 School is starting tomorrow, who else is freaking out?
Sat Aug 28 13:20:18 damn it, it feels like autumn.
Fri Aug 27 17:58:43 ‘How many more like you are there?’ Evelyn: ‘Like me, none. Like him, more than you or I can handle alone.’ – #SALT
Fri Aug 27 13:47:49 Hell of action, Salt! Still nothing beats Lara Croft and Wanted.
Thu Aug 26 21:32:47 morning cinema – Salt is finally hitting Poland. I feel like the only person who hasn’t seen it yet, and it feels horrible.
Tue Aug 24 09:00:39 My comp wasn’t working yday which means I couldn’t watch GA & PP so spend all day admiring the hospital & all the freaks here. what a day…
Thu Aug 19 18:47:33 Guess what my mom brought me here yday. In-style with Courteney on a cover!
Wed Aug 18 16:46:47 Bailey: ‘…will someone tell me whose GOD DAMN PANTIES, ARE ON THE BULLETIN BOARD! This is a HOSPITAL people! We SAVE LIVES!’
Wed Aug 18 16:44:27 ‘When I wasn’t “Poor Izzie” laying on the bathroom floor in her prom dress with  her dead fiancé. But I am. So I can’t. I’m just stuck.’
Wed Aug 18 16:43:01 ‘I feel like I’m moving in slow motion and everything around me is moving so fast and I just wanna go back to when things were normal.’- Izz
Wed Aug 18 16:39:34 Addison to Izzie: ‘Did you know about the slutty sex your slutty friend had with my super slutty husband?’ #GreysAnatomy
Tue Aug 17 14:20:37 why doesn’t twitter have ‘archives’? I mean It’s annoying pressing the ‘more’ button all the time. Some people have few thousands tweets!
Tue Aug 17 10:27:02 Oh but wait, that won’t work either because I’m not Meredith Grey!’ – #AddisonMontgomery #GreysAnatomy
Tue Aug 17 10:07:36 What do I have to do? Oh, I know,maybe I should go out on a date with the vet cause that seems to be sth that sends u into a blind rage
Tue Aug 17 10:05:21 I want u 2 care. I sleep with your best friend & u walk away,he comes out here from NY & rubs it in ur face & still u get agood night’s sleep.
Mon Aug 16 19:29:35 Congrats to Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie who got married this weekend !
Mon Aug 16 08:44:33 Private Practice marathon today !
Mon Aug 16 08:25:24 The trailer for ‘How do you know’ with Reese Witherspoon http://www.imdb.com/video/imdb/vi3436250649/ check it out !
Fri Aug 13 14:43:22 It’s Friday the 13th: ‘Kill her mommy!’
Sat Jul 31 11:22:08 After everything I did to get u here, after everything I’ve done to keep u here, how can you possibly not understand that you’re mine? #Ben
Sat Jul 31 11:20:49 ‘You knew this would happen. You sent him out here because you knew this would happen. You wanted this! You wanted him to die! Why?’ #Juliet
Sat Jul 31 10:06:32 ‘If I never meet you… then I never have to lose you.’ #JulietBurke #LOST
Sat Jul 31 09:52:02 I’m so happy that Cougar Town is keeping the old title! =)
Fri Jul 30 15:27:55 but also Happy Birthday to Hilary Swank !
Fri Jul 30 15:22:34 No, I didn’t forget, Happy Birthday Lisa Kudrow!
Fri Jul 30 15:00:44 ‘Just because we love each other doesn’t mean that we’re meant to be together… maybe we were never supposed to be together.’ #Juliet #LOST
Fri Jul 30 10:12:39 Give that award to Liz, cause without her we would’ve never known a woman like Juliet(…) http://elizabeth-mitchell.org/?p=6598 oh yeeah
Thu Jul 29 14:43:49 Did I mention that I finally got a new Vanity Fair with Angie on a cover? gorgeous   Wed Jul 28 05:09:18 It’s 7 a.m, it’s pouring… I’m watching Holt and Lucy videos. that is the love, the passion, the desire… ‘We’re not beautiful(…)’ #Dirt
Mon Jul 26 17:02:18 missing my loong black hair.
Sun Jul 25 10:54:48 Myheritage.com just showed me that I look like Courteney Cox in 76 %, how cool is that ? totally made my day
Sat Jul 24 13:00:46 Juliet and Sawyer LOVE !  http://twitpic.com/287a4w
Sat Jul 24 12:58:27 I love the episode with Reese Witherspoon guest starring as Jill. Friends forever ! =)
Sat Jul 24 12:55:52 Jill: I bought a boat. P: U bought a boat? Jill: It was for a friend. Ch: Boy, did we make friends with the wrong sister.
Sat Jul 24 12:51:38 Jill: So,what do u think? Rach: I don’t like it. It’s kinda slutty. Jill: It’s yours. Rach: Well, I’m a slut. Jill: Me too!
Sat Jul 24 12:44:18 Rach:It’s about u being a brat wanting what u can’t have! Jill: I can’t have? Listen the only thing I can’t have is dairy!
Sat Jul 24 12:42:32 Jill: I am so stupid! I’m just like this incredibly pretty, stupid girl!
Sat Jul 24 12:40:26 ‘Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream?’ #Poe
Sat Jul 24 12:38:19 ‘Midnight ‘til one belongs to the dead. Good Lord deliver us.’ #TheFog oh yeaah
Sat Jul 24 09:53:13 good morning it is. pouring though. Gonna watch some movie and then I’m back to my Stephen Kings’ book Have a wonderful day everyone ! =)
Wed Jul 21 21:59:27 Seen ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ today with my dad, nothing like the original.
Tue Jul 20 06:56:57 planning on watching Lost and listening to Nickelback all day long.
Mon Jul 19 18:41:54 More days like this, please! happiness is all I am looking for.
Mon Jul 19 08:28:10 Muse – Love is forever & 30 seconds to Mars – Closer to the edge are definitely my top songs for July
Fri Jul 09 14:05:47 Just finished watching SATC! I looooved all the 6 seasons, absofuckinglutely !
Fri Jul 09 12:25:53 I’m sooo glad for Elizabeth Mitchell ‘s Emmy nomination Great job, I love Juliet !
Thu Jul 08 12:47:59 How can you get a Golden Globe nomination but not an Emmy nomination? #CCdeservesanEMMY Am I right?
Wed Jun 30 20:48:03 We’ve made a deal ages ago, men, babies, doesn’t matter, we’re still mates ! #SATC2 !
Wed Jun 30 20:32:03 I took my mom to the cinema for Sex & the City 2 ! I can’t believe but she enjoyed it so much ! 2nd movie is excellent, kills everything!
Tue Jun 29 15:20:37 I’m planning on doing a serious cleaning in my room. And by serious I mean throwing away 50% of things that I’ve gathered for past 10 years!
Tue Jun 29 11:09:55 With my dad watching Włatcy Móch: Ćmoki, Czopki i Mondzioły again I looove them.
Tue Jun 29 06:39:33 Watching Birds of America for the n time I love this movie !
Sun Jun 27 20:04:08 I don’t have to prove anything to anybody. kiss my ass.
Sun Jun 27 14:31:59 bike, tea, coffee, guitar, singing, writing lots of new songs what a perfect day, what a perfect holidays ahead ! =)
Sun Jun 27 10:44:27 Edward Scissorhands is a trending topic! But I don’t like the idea of a remake! why to do so? It’s on my list of 50 top movies ever!
Sat Jun 26 13:12:15 Look who’s back, look who’s back ! look who’s back on my wall !! FRIENDS & ANGIE I smell vacations ! =) http://twitpic.com/2047se
Fri Jun 25 16:11:00 two months of watching movies ! I’m in heaven!
Fri Jun 25 10:02:06 Something about the sunshine, baby !
Thu Jun 24 20:23:10 #showsweneedback Friends, and Dirt !!
Thu Jun 24 19:42:36 Elephants never forget http://features.peta2.com/neverforget @peta I’ve been to circus only once & I Pledge Never to go there again!
Thu Jun 24 19:36:26 A pseudo life.
Tue Jun 22 14:52:09 Watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre the Beginning, Wild child & Halloween’07 again now I’m heading to my local cinema for Sex & the city 2.
Tue Jun 22 14:45:25 I did a 6 hours recital yesterday It was sooo cool !! & in the evening I recorded @Pink ‘s concert from Sydney, which was great!
Sat Jun 19 17:26:18 all day spent watching music videos on TV and covering all the random songs, i’m so happy i got my guitar back !
Fri Jun 18 14:39:48 I can’t believe The Lizzie McGuire Movie is still top one in trending topics ! whoaaa! my favourite movie as a kid soo cool
Thu Jun 17 21:30:30 How not to love Friends? #FriendsFansUniteDay
Tue Jun 15 15:18:20 Happy Birthday Courteney !!! http://twitpic.com/1x0e9e
Sun Jun 13 16:51:01 I uploaded a YouTube video — Happy 6th Birthday Coco Arquette! http://youtu.be/S0rC_5OiTz0?a
Sun Jun 13 14:51:50 wooo! my hair is so short ! but so cute and comfortable! i’m going to put a picture later now I’m making a video for Coco’s birthday:)
Sun Jun 13 09:42:12 You’ll never guess what happened to my hair this morning ! ;/ They’re probably going to cut it all off !! No!! Why me? Why the hell me? ;/
Sat Jun 12 18:23:16 just uploaded Travis Cobb’s Graduation full length Scene ! Hilarious and touching scene from Cougar Town ! http://youtu.be/vRIRNhWZJa8?a
Sat Jun 12 15:51:57 My tribute to the cutest couple Courteney Cox and @davidarquette for their 11th anniversary ! http://youtu.be/NUn_KYsvtuk ! check it out !
Sun Jun 06 13:58:35 I’m absolutely, obviously, entirely, definitely etc. etc. #addictedtofriends ! If you know me, you know that.
Fri Jun 04 20:51:48 I’m just checking in, cause it’s Angie’s 35th Birthday! and I made a tribute video http://bit.ly/bEr7Lf check it out !
Mon May 24 20:53:54 The Lost finale was the best present I could wish for my Name Day !
Mon May 24 20:50:29 The final episode puts Lost into a high position with all the best shows ever been done. Just realized how much I’m going to miss Lost !
Mon May 24 20:43:57 All I was thinking about today was Lost. Finale was so beautiful I couldn’t stop crying! And I was so right about the ending, It’s so sad.
Sun May 23 20:16:56 LOST is coming to an end today, oh Lord.
Sun May 23 15:41:43 Official ‘Scream 4′ poster has just got out ! It’s definitely my favorite so far ! New Decade. New Rules. SCRE4M ! http://twitpic.com/1qdjqh
Thu May 20 09:28:00 Omg !!  That was the best final episode I’ve ever seen ! The party at the beach was stunning ! Can’t wait for s http://twitpic.com/1pcfs1 Thu Tue May 18 17:37:18 I guess I forgot to ask you yesterday how did you like Desperate Housewives season 6 finale episode? I have to say http://twitpic.com/1ox4z1 Tue May 18 07:14:03  Amputation essay.   Sat May 15 19:08:43 I see I forgot to tell you I’ve seen New York, I love you on Thursday in our local cinema I guess I liked it mo http://twitpic.com/1o2t1l Sat May 15 14:46:50 A Brand New Gorgeous ‘Salt’ Poster has just got out ! http://twitpic.com/1o0k1v Thu May 13 07:00:53 http://bit.ly/bmkyWy FRIENDS and neighbors? That sucks. The Cougar Town title is great ! Wed May 12 10:02:07 Last week’s V was good http://twitpic.com/1n4ona Wed May 12 09:49:23 WOW. Yesterday’s Lost, that was something. Now we know that Jacob and The Smoke/Man in Black are brothers. After t http://twitpic.com/1n4m9r Tue May 11 14:42:39 OMG, you guuuuys !! These past two days were incredible ! And remember a fool always has luck ok, bye, I’m going out again! Mon May 10 13:10:31 If that psycho Eddie hurts Lynette I swear I’ll kill him !! http://twitpic.com/1momwo Sun May 09 19:48:29 who cares. amazing day. Sun May 09 13:12:48 Oh, and I dyed my hair back to my original brown color, this time I tried Loreal Paris’s Iced Chocolate from new G http://twitpic.com/1merp5 Sun May 09 12:23:26 Back to my singing It’s going to be another amazing day ! Sun May 09 07:11:14 morning singing. Sat May 08 20:03:55 who cares. amazing day. Sat May 08 17:44:43 How do we call a person who likes to have everything under control? I’m confused. Sat May 08 17:41:35 There’re only 5 main characters left on Lost. I’m sticking to my theory about ‘the ending’, I figured it out few w http://twitpic.com/1m4sgg Fri May 07 14:10:43 Started watching for the amazing Felicity Huffman, and Lynette is my favorite character Again why did they skip those 5 years? Fri May 07 13:59:41 Yday I finished watching Desperate Housewives It took me only 2 weeks to watch all 6 seasons. I am GOOD. =) Fri May 07 13:57:59 Finally I’ve got a chance to watch this week’s Cougar Town Great episode. http://twitpic.com/1lro6o Sun May 02 19:55:43 amazing day. Sat May 01 20:30:36 wonderful day. Thu Apr 29 19:12:49 That was one of the best screen kisses I’ve ever seen! Jules & Grayson! beautiful ! http://twitpic.com/1jftkl Thu Apr 29 14:54:26 Absolutely gorgeous, beautiful, stunning new episode of Cougar Town ! Grayson and Jules are finally together ! aaaaaaaaaa! Mon Apr 26 19:34:16 Well, that’s how I’m calling my disease. Just how it is. Sun Apr 25 14:41:19 U’ve seen doc ‘The Cove’ or TakePart com with stars like C.Cox, go to http://www.takepart.com/thecove & see what can u do to save dolphins inJapan! Sun Apr 25 13:46:41 I hate when it’s so beautiful outside, and I have to stay at home doing actually nothing. Sun Apr 25 13:19:48 The easiest way to overcome one addiction is to replace it with another. Sun Apr 25 08:45:46 again and again. Sat Apr 24 19:52:20 I hate what I’ve become. Now I have a bad headache. Sat Apr 24 18:30:55 The Second Season of amazing ‘Dirt’ is now on DVD, you can pre-order but the release date is May 4th. 17 12:16:09 Finished watching ‘A model daughter: The Killing of Caroline Byrne’ with Cariba Heine for the third time, such a great movie. Sat Apr 17 12:11:45 They’re giving me a headache, cause they’re whole 1 diopter less then I need. I need -6,0 at least. and I look like a nerd. Sat Apr 17 12:08:19 The lenses company is sending my lenses for a week now, and I have to wear these stupid glasses today, which I used to wear 3 years ago! Fri Apr 16 08:14:23 I’m waiting for a sign, cause when I start i will never stop. Fri Apr 16 08:13:33 whoa! I overslept to school! It’s past 10 and I’m not there ! That’s what happens when you get up at 4.30 everyday. Thu Apr 15 16:45:04 What I didn’t like bout yesterday’s Cougar Town episode was Bobby stealing pets from zoo to eat them! It’s so sad they used this thread! Thu Apr 15 16:38:23 You know what I just realized? It was the 2nd Easter without eggs. Feels so good. Sat Apr 10 16:58:32 Such a tragedy, turned on TV at 9.00 few min after the catastrophe and saw this picture of MrPresident and his wife, all day watching news… Fri Apr 09 21:23:53 running running running as fast as i can trying to be your everything man. Fri Apr 09 20:13:54 Fergie’s version of ‘Be Italian’ is just outstanding! Thu Apr 08 20:38:52 There’re like 10 movies I remember every single moment of, 1 of them is the wonderful The Changeling, which I’ve seen today for the 100 time. Thu Apr 08 15:20:39 ‘We’re not the only people on this island, and we all know it.’ LOST !!! I’m watching season 3 again!  Thu Apr 08 15:19:51 Such an amazing day. Wed Apr 07 21:01:38 http://twitpic.com/1dwn5f – It’s sad that Vs have Georgie. Anna testing if some of Vs have human emotions, means they are from 5th Column Wed Apr 07 15:40:53 http://twitpic.com/1dusm6 – Henry Ian Cusick is such an amazing actor ! Great ‘Lost’ episode, I love Desmond & Penny! Sat Apr 03 09:46:15 Friends is the best thing that ever happened to me! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Coto51k2rHY&NR=1 Oh noo, IT’S ALL OVER EVERYTHING! Thu Apr 01 17:52:46 http://twitpic.com/1cfnsp – ‘Never press the ‘NO’ button.’  =D Thu Apr 01 07:49:53 cougar town, cougar town, cougar town! Wed Mar 31 18:11:48 http://twitpic.com/1c7sif – ‘She has my son, if I have to cross the line to blow that bitch out of the sky, I will.’ great episode. Wed Mar 17 17:34:13 when I see the title of one of the upcoming episodes called ‘What They Died For’ I wanna cry… #Lost Fri Mar 12 22:46:12 My ‘do we have an influence on what happens in life or is it destiny we can’t change’ essay’s more like ‘Life r sth like it’ r ‘Lost theses;) Mon Mar 08 16:37:03 What’s more I loved Oscar’s tribute to horror! I could totally say ‘That’s why I love horrors!’ and Courteney in 2 scenes from Scream! Fri Mar 05 18:26:17 http://twitpic.com/16rxxm – Look! Look! I finally got my favorite mini-series on DVD ! I have seen this film so many times, It’s so beautiful! Mon Feb 15 17:32:31 http://twitpic.com/13fkpx – ‘Be nice to me okay?’ ‘I will.’ Ahhh! Too excited! Wed Feb 10 20:20:25 Check out Joanne’s productions’ ‘EVERYBODY DESIRES ROMEO’ and make sure you recommend it to everyone! http://bit.ly/a4sJ1d Mon Jan 11 19:09:40 Choosing my next phone ;D I heard soo many great comments on my acting today, I’m not sure if they won’t spoil me. I wanna sing all day! Sat Jan 09 23:09:29 The best song…probably Cassie Steele’s Mr.Colson, or Go Dark…or Three Days Grace’s Bitter Taste, or Break, or Last to know…it’s tough. Sat Jan 09 22:55:16 The best album of 2009, let’s see, actually I don’t have to think much, Cassie Steele’ s Destructo Doll! It’s one of my favs ever.


Sun Dec 13 21:59:42 http://twitpic.com/tek83 – ‘I’m mad because you told my kids that in real life there are no happy endings.’ Sun Nov 29 21:40:21 again why the hell they cancelled ‘Dirt’ it’s the dirtiest show ever! love dirt and Lucy Spiller! Sat Nov 28 18:29:33 Dave, you’re my God. Sat Nov 28 17:57:36 crying to foo fighters’ videos… Thu Nov 26 18:17:58 ‘Conversation of Master Policarp with Death’ : Me- I like it. Answer- Well, it is your style …;) Scream yesterday on TV, yes I watched.   Thu Nov 05 20:12:24 I’ll meet you in hell It’s all these secrets that I shouldn’t tell I’ve got to run away I’ll never be your perfect girl I’ve got to run away   Thu Oct 22 19:49:46 That’s why I love acting so much. The feeling of standing on a stage, and after, your teacher saying – perfect. Says it all. No 1′ll stop me. Mon Oct 05 13:06:00 Yeaaaaaaaa! I’m totally drunk. And who said that alcohol doesn’t help? it ALWAYS helps, drunk way too much!!! WATCHING DIRT. ALOHA HEAVEN. Fri Sep 18 08:50:15 Did you know that Courteney Cox was the first person EVER that said ‘period’ on American Television in ‘Compax’ commercial in early 80′s? Thu Sep 17 08:30:00 It’s my 16th birthday everyone! I finally got Courteney Cox’s perfume ! Waiting for a bus to come, listening to A.Chylińska, singing not caring bout anything.