“Ring 1”

American version. I seriously expected it to be crap, but it was pretty damn good. Plot was great, Samara’s character’s great. Idea with the tape was great! I’ve seen it before, but didn’t like it so much then. Every time my video recorder fucks up, I wait for the recorded message to show up! 🙂 I will read the book in the future.

My rate: 8/10

“Ring 2”

But as usually sequel wasn’t good at all. That kid was freaking me out, though Samara was great as in the first movie.

My rate 5/10

“Silent Hill”

Pretty good, I do not regret watching it, nothig special, but time well spent.

My rate 7/10


I really don’t like Grunge, watched it for Kadee Strickland, who unfortunately couldn’t save it.

My rate 1/10.


So cool. Kadee Strickland surprised me so much, she was amazing in here! Probably her best role so far. Richard Gere’s character was well, boring.

My rate 7/10.

I guess that’s it. Nothing scary as you can see. So, How was Your’ Halloween?