I feel so sorry for this guy who spent 30 years in prison, I mean I totally get why he wanted to stay in jail. But when he threatened Violet, I was like how the hell can you talk like that to our Vi? Dr. Rodriguez is finally here, I totally ship him with Addie! I am so exhausted with AddieSam. Everybody wants Sheldon, but I understand what he meant when he said that he would eventually fall for Amelia, and she’d avoid him. And I love when he says I’ll think about it and Amelia goes excuse me? Addie and Charlotte arguing, amazing! Char, give Coop his baby already! Pete’s acting like an ass, first he doesn’t want Betsy, now he’s mad Violet’s spending time with her patients.

Charlotte: I’m not the mommy type. I don’t like kids, and I don’t want kids. They’ll like you more than they’ll like me. I’m not…What if I end up like my mother, drunk at noon, Hating the rug rats I’m supposed to love, Screwing up our kid damaging them? See? Now you’re gonna leave me. This is why I didn’t want to talk about this.
Cooper: Charlotte, I’m not leaving you.

Sheldon: Let me tell you how this would go. Uh… We’d sleep together. And at first, it would be just for kicks, But enentually, I’d fall for you, hard. And then you would do wh women like you–the bad girls, The ones who like it dirty, And nasty, and a-a little bit kinky You know, the ones withererious daddy issues do, You’d run. You’d avoid me. You’d be intentionally mean to me. My savior complex would kick in, So I’d chase you, keep calling you, let you use me for sex On the nights when you were drunk or bored. But you’re too damaged to appreciate the fact That I’m a good guy and I could actually care. And then one day, I’d show up at your apartment with flowers or something Trying to woo you, only to find you on your couch Screwing somguguy ten years younger than me.