Movies I’ve seen this week:

“Not Another Teen Movie”

Watched it cause my life is that boring. Just another teen parody. Not another teen movie? So what’s the difference between stupid love story and a parodied love story? But I have to say this one wasn’t that bad. Chyler Leigh wasn’t bad herself, but not a movie I would recommend, you have to be really bored to watch it.

My rate 3/10.


One thing I loved about the movie… Catherine looked in here extremely beautiful! I have to say she was a true Goddess in her 20/30ties. It’s hard to judge the acting, when someone’s looking that good, seriously. Her accent was a bit annoying, but you can see it has changed within the years. The plot of course reminded me of Rosemary’s Baby. The same climate. Ending disappointed me but still. If you wanna see some true beauty, go watch it.


“Forget Me Not”
Watched it for Carly Schroeder. Yes, it was another teen horror, but the plot was pretty good. I loved the ending, which was pretty obvious, but still. I haven’t seen a story like that in horrors lately. I have to say Carly chooses great movies: Gracie, Mean Creek, Eye of Dolphin, Prayers for Bobby and few more, OK Prey was fucked up. That was one of the best in her carrier. I loved the idea of being scared of being forgotten. What can I say I was pretty satisfied with that movie. Recommending it to everyone. Favorite scenes: almost all the cementary scenes, the retrospections, the ending. Sure I am not a fan of spoiled teenagers, but it was a great movie.
“Prayers for Bobby”

Good movie showing that being gay is absolutely normal, and we all should accept it. Mother’s struggle is pretty great, I hoped Carly Schroeder role’s gonna be bigger but it was fine. Bobby was OK, his brother was great. I still can’t accept Bobby’s mother. When she was asking the priest for advise, that was so hard for me to watch. I don’t understand how can you not accept your own child. When something like that happens to you, you screw what your religion says and love your kid anyway. I loved that  Bobby died by  jumping off the bridge, and the gay parade at the end was superb!



I watched this movie from boringness, and it was pretty cool. I loved Shannon’s story the most. It was little bit fucked up, but that’s the idea. Joanne’s story was pretty damn good too. And Cassandra’s, was so stupid, but I gotta say this the girl has legs! So fucking skinny. The Kerrys story was pretty damn too. I loved how all of them were heros at the end. I would recommend it if you have nothing better to do, that is a movie to watch if you’re bored.



Remember watching it in cinema 2 yrs ago, that is emm, quite a movie. I can stand a lot watching horror movie, but the idea of cutting your vagina or penis that’s too much even for me. Even worse than putting eyes out. Yeah.