Omg! Violet was so amazing this episode. I was so pissed off at Pete for not letting her adopt Betsey, and at the rest of the characters for not wanting to adopt her too. They’ve been always saying that they are all big family, so why the hell family can’t take care of a little girl? Unfortunately now I hope Betsy is going to get to family who is going to hit her, or whatever, only so that they understand what they have done. The scene with Violet spilling around sodas, that broke me immediately. And when she begs everyone to take care of Dell’s daughter, and everyone pretends they don’t hear, that broke my heart completely, I could put myself into one piece, after that! And the last scene when they are all going out in slow motion with that amazing song in the background! Aahh! Defintely one of the most tearful, and best episodes of Private Practice.

Violet: She brought her back to the only family that she has left.
Violet: We’re not placing betsey in the system. Everybody in her life has abandoned her.
Violet: Help. She needs help, which Dell would’ve given any one of us without a second thought… If he were still alive.

Violet: Hey, I was looking for you. Feel like getting a snack?
Betsey: This is my daddy’s office. He used to have crayons And paper.
Violet: Yeah. I remember. You two had a lot ofun in here. You know, he loved you so much. And I know that when|someone you love goes away, It feels icky. And it’s confusing because you have all these feelings that you don’t understand. But I want you to know that… All of us here care about you… So much… And that you can|tell anything to me. Okay? Anything at all.
Betsey: Where am I gonna sleep tonight?
Violet: How about you come home with me?

Violet: Pete! Pete, lucas is not in his crib!
Betsey: My daddy and I used to watch cartoons together. I thought maybe lucas would like them.
Betsey: Can I stay with you forever?

Violet: Oh, just to see her smile… She’ll need daily therapy, at least at the beginning, But I think we could see real improvements in a few months.
Pete: Wait. You want her to stay with us?
Violet: I think we should adopt her.
Pete: Violet, that’s not a|good idea for any of us.
Violet: When you think about it,We are exactly who should be doing this, ’cause I’m a therapist, and– and even more than that, I get Betsey.That sense of being damaged? I know what that can turn into. We’re building a family. And there’s no reason that Betsey can’t be a part of that. We can do this.
Pete: Can we?
Violet: Absolutely. You don’t think I can do this. You don’t think I have it in me after… I’m fine. I am fine now.
Pete: Violet, I’m not– she’s a child.
Violet: She needs someone. She needs us. And I am fine.

Violet: I need to ask if anyone here is willing to… take Betsey. Please. Because I can’t, and, um…One of us needs to step up. Please.

Betsey: Don’t you want to take care of me?
Violet: I love spending time with you.
Betsey: Where will I go?
Violet: I don’t know exactly. But… Here’s what I hope will happen. I hope that you will get to go to a home, A home with a mom and dad Who have always wanted a little girl, A mom and dad of your very own, Who will love you so much Because they’re gonna see how special you are. And that will be better for you than living with us, Because your new family… They have been waiting Just for you. Doesn’t that sound good?

Violet: We did a bad thing here. You all know it. We did a bad thing.