Sam almost killed the guy who hit Maya and Dell last season, when he showed up to apologize. Sam’s : 

“Some things don’t deserve to be forgiven!”

The retrospect of Addison and Sam’ surgery internship. We now know why Sam quit surgery, because he let the pedophile die. Addison looked so innocent with that brown hair. Amelia got job in practice. Pete risked loosing his licence by helping his friend doing illegal operation. Violet was amazing this ep. I just looooved Naomi’s speech about Addie:

You’re selfish, Addison. You always have been. The tunnel vision that makes you a great surgeon also makes you a crappy friend… You’re a cheater, and while Sam and I aren’t married anymore, you knew what you were doing was wrong, and so you lied to me…Every day you didn’t tell me about the two of you, you lied, because you knew telling the truth would be hard…And you’re a coward…You’re my best friend. But when I look at you now…I just want to slap you across the face.”

Pretty great episode!