I love reviewing my favorite TV series, so that’s what I’ll be doing in here.

The 4th season of Private Practice started on 23th of September. What did I like about the first episode and what I didn’t. It started  with ‘previously on Private Practice’ part, so what happened in season 3. Then everyone going to cementary, very nice scene, Naomi talking about Dink not taking care of his daughter, Sam and Addison acting like nothing happened between them, and the best, Amelia trying to light up a cigarette, and Addison throwing her cigs out, then at cementary everyone recalling what happened to them last year and Violet’s :

What the hell is going on with the world?

Then Violet said about her and Pete getting married, which was a little bit inappropriate but fine with me. Later some crazy couple left a kid in a car in summer, wanting another child to repair their mistake, some guy wanted a kidney from his mentally retarded brother, wedding, Violet changing her mind at the altar, so cool! She turned back, while going to the altar, and ran away 🙂 Then Pete calmed her down and they got married. Everyone thinking AddiSam didn’t work out, which apparently did – the bathtub scene 😉 Episode not bad, but nothing special.