Similar plots. Similar killers. I have to say Hills Have Eyes probably wins, cause it’s more of a horror. Watched it for Emily DeRavin, and  it was definetely worth watching, cool plot.

Resident Evil, watched it for Spencer Locke. I’ve seen only part 3 and 4, but it didn’t make a big impression on me. I’m just wondering why Milla Jovovich is still continuing this crap.

Legion had generally a great idea, but the plot was terrible. I watched it for Kate Walsh, who’s character was extremely annoying at the beginning and I was scared to continue watching, but then she had gone amazingly crazy. Favorite scenes? Sandra (K.W’s character) running out from the restaurant, she was sleeping and woke up hearing her husbands voice, when she found him, he exploded. Then people couldn’t calm her down so they tight her up. Then the amazing picture of resignation. Then telling her daughter it’s all her fault. And finally trying to give away the baby to angel and getting shot. That was incredible.