Film Reviews: I, Tonya. Game Night. West Side Story. A Mother’s Rage. The Wool Cap. She’s Having a Baby. Everybody’s Fine. When Billie Beat Bobby. Kindergarten Cop. Elle. Who Killed JonBenet? Maze Runner: The Death Cure. Imaginary Heroes. Sharknado 4. Sharknado 5


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game night


I, Tonya

This is mostly told from Tonya’s perspective and yet, those who haven’t read her autobiography, would never notice the one shocking detail that was omitted…Tonya’s gang rape.


Game Night

What a treat, epecially for fans of Friday Night Lights and Dexter, like myself! One of the scenes worth mentioning is the one where Jason Bateman’s character tells his Game Night friends that they need to try the cheese, allwhile Kyle Chandler’s character is being tied up. When they’re heading for the doors, Jason says ‘Drive safe’.


West Side Story

Sadly, it no longer leaves such a strong impression as it did decades ago. Does anyone remember these songs? Despite not standing the test of time, West Side Story is still a tragically beautiful musical.





A Mother’s Rage

This is one of my favorite Lifetime films. Lori Loughlin, who hunts pervy guys here, is phenomenal!


The Wool Cap

I love that Frank Gallagher. I just don’t understand why the monkey had to die.


She’s Having a Baby

She’s Having a Baby is the most personal story for John Hughes. For some unknown reason, it’s highly underrated. I get that people go for his teen masterpieces and Home Alone and Uncle Buck and they don’t even bother to look twice at this one, but it truly is lovely. Kevin Bacon is sort of annoying at times, but the film as a whole is funny. Every time I watch an Elizabeth McGovern film, I think of the career she could have had if she never left the US, but on the other hand, Cora was my favorite Downton Abbey character and they could have cast someone who wouldn’t fit the role, so I guess it is what it is.





Everybody’s Fine

Kept me extremely depressed, and left me that way. All those kids were ungrateful, and all four of them became artists? Four kids and none of them have regular jobs, and they are all artsy?


When Billie Beat Bobby

I liked how the film revolved around one match and not Billie’s personal life. I don’t understand why this was remade. Is anyone actually suggesting Emma Stone is a better actress than Holly Hunter, because I just laughed out loud.


Kindergarten Cop

I was the kid who always talked about death. And though I didn’t go as far as stealing other kids’ lunches, I sure liked food.






You report the rape, not take a shower. Jesus. It’s not the rape that is disturbing here, it’s all the consensual sex…some of it with the rapist. The video game rape and the constantly horny lead character made me angry. I was surprised when it wasn’t one of the intern/employees who raped her.


Who Killed JonBenet?

The child actress’s narration was wonderful.


Maze Runner: The Death Cure

‘That’ original character dying made it all worth it. But Thomas’s blood is the cure? That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard.





Imaginary Heroes

I blame myself and ‘Prayers for Bobby’ for assuming that Sigourney Weaver plus her film offspring’s suicide would make for a good film.


Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens

How many kids do they have?! Definitely the worst one of all. Even the 5th one was better.


Sharknado 5: Global Swarming

Oh no! The Queen is trapped, because the sharks are blocking all the entrances to Buckingham Palace! And Tara Reid can fly in this one? I used to get all excited for shark week and this series made me start hating it.


To see what other films I watched this year, please check out my letterboxd account I’m planning on watching 500 films this year and I’m currently at 200.

Have a great day.


Greys 14.10. Greys 14.11. Greys 14.12. Greys 14.13. When Calls the Heart 5.01. When Calls the Heart 5.02. When Calls the Heart 5.03. The Middle 9.14. The Middle 9.15. 911 1.01. 911 1.02. 911 1.03. 911 1.04. 911 1.05. 911 1.06. 911 1.07. Scandal 7.10. Scandal 7.11. Modern Family 9.14. The Good Fight 2.01. The Simpsons 29.10. The Good Doctor 1.10. The Good Doctor 1.11. Absentia 1.08. Absentia 1.09. Absentia 1.10.


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I haven’t been reviewing and adding my notes on TV shows I watch, because I am disappointed with every single one of them. Yes, even Shameless, SVU and Greys. The three shows still on air I swear by. Absolutely nothing is going on an it upsets me and makes it pointless for me to rate the show and give each episode a lousy 2/10. The show I am most disappointed with this season is Modern Family. There was one good episode, but for the love of God, the other 10 were disastrous. I am no longer interested in what any of these characters are doing. The Middle is in its final season and instead of going out with a bang, it’s going out with a… yawn. Shameless, so Ian is the gay Jesus now, and Debby lost 3 toes. That is it. Even Frank did not do anything interesting. Carl has a wife now and he’s been goody-goody all season. Grey’s, sweet old Grey’s. I am happy that Meredith got the Harper Avery award, but nothing else happened all half season. SVU, they cast Brooke Shields and instead of keeping her as Olivia’s friend, they have her kidnap Noah.

Greys 14.10

After four of her patients die, April loses her faith in God. She also runs into her ‘one that got away’, the paramedic she left at the altar back in season 9.


Greys 14.11

Bailey has a heart attack and fights for herself.


Greys 14.12

The big competition is here and the entire episode is a snoozeville.


Greys 4.13

A-freaking-mazing! They introduced the lead from the new Shondaland show Station 19 and I like her already! Ben was written off Greys and we saw him driving off in an ambulance. Ellen looked liked her season 2 baby self with that pink lipstick in the ambulance scene! The Asian intern took her hijab off to stop the kid’s leg from bleeding!

You look twelve. Can you find a grown up to tell her that.
Do not move your hand!
See, grown ups!
Can’t believe this project has not been founded!


When Calls the Heart 5.01

Some crook seller tried to kill little Opal with arsenic! Can we stop pretending that Abigail and Henry are not meant for each other? Are they actually trying to write our favorite villain off? I say this every episode, but Rosemary is just an extraordinary character. I usually cannot stand happy characters, but watching any scenes with her affects my mood. Elizabeth’s perky sister is back and she wants to be Elizabeth’s apprentice. Lee is left in charge of the town. There is something clearly wrong with Elizabeth’s wig and it’s almost as annoying. I still don’t trust or like Jesse. He’s a tool and Clara better leave him for good. There’s also a virus spreading, it all turns out to be the fault of some magical tonic, that even clears acne. Lori Loughlin runs into another Garage Sale Mystery co-star, who plays Henry Gowen’s defence attorney.

I need to leave someone in charge as acting sheriff.
So you’re testifying for the defence and you’re testifying for
Rosemary did chilli last week, and I was sick for four days.
Where is your badge?
For all the bad things that I’ve done, I must have done something right.
Why is that?
Because for some odd reason that I don’t understand, you still seem to believe in me.
Someone stole my wagon.
Lee! Go!
I don’t want you chasing horse thieves all through the night.
I took his wagon and I hid it in the woods.
Julie is trying to steal Jesse away from Clara.
And I don’t gossip, cause I don’t gossip.
Besides I heard that Clara and Jesse broke up.
Well, who’s gossiping now.
Elizabeth, telegram for you.
Lee, what’s going on.
I had to arrest him.
Michael, I need you too.
No, same cell.
You are now deputized.
Am I really a deputy.
As much as I’m a sheriff.


When Calls the Heart 5.02

Turns out railroad will not happen and everyone loses faith in Abigail’s abilities. Julie, Elizabeth’s artsy sister does not punish Robert for ripping Anna’s drawing. Rosemary is happy as her clothes sell well in the big city. Rosemary pushes one of the local girls to buy a dress she cannot afford and she comes back with her husband the next day to return it. Lee tried to save the town by blackmail. Cody saves the day by randomly telling everyone his life story.

Men aren’t emotionally sophisticated creatures.
You’re the best mayor this town has ever had.
You changed your mind.
Actually your whole town changed it for me.
Our childhood never leaves us.
You’re a great major, Mrs Stanton.


When Calls a Heart 5.03

Some random architect friend of Rosemary shows up in town and it looks like she’s staying. I thought the doctor was supposed to end up with the nurse, so why are they adding a love interest for him? Jack is back and after spending a couple of months apart, he is eager to marry Elizabeth, you know why. Why does the young journalist’s hair look dyed, isn’t she 12? The show gets very average when Jack is around.


The Middle 9.14


The Middle 9.15

Sue turns 21.


911 1.01

There is no way a baby would fit in that pipe, but I still loved every minute of the episode. The youngest of Lind sisters plays a little girl home alone and I really enjoyed when the young firefighter used the fire extinguisher to throw the bulglar off the motorbike.


911 1.02

Unrealistic with the firefighter remaining conscious through the whole thing, but I loved the rollercoaster incident.


911 1.03

The cop’s daughter tries to kill herself, because of some girl at school bullying her.


911 1.04

The plane crash episode was everything.


911 1.05

I am really into the age gap between Abby and the firefighter.

I am so much better when it’s somebody else’s emergency.
That I murdered my own family.


911 1.06

I see it now, Ryan and Brad are big fans of Parenthood and Friday Night Lights and Coach Taylor’s wife is supposed to end up with Adam Braverman.


911 1.07

Another Parenthood alum, Drew’s girlfriend did a guest spot in this episode. I don’t see why they changed her age to 32 when Lyndon Smith is 28, but that’s the only thing that bothered me. I absolutely loved the moment where we find out the intruder was in fact inside the house, standing right behind the woman, and it was his refection that she saw.


How to Get Away with Murder 5.12

How to survive a scandal.


How to Get Away with Murder 5.13

At least Connor is going back to uni.


Scandal 7.10

Quinn and Olivia’s father randomly starting to sing Britney Spears while Charlie looks confused. I just really cannot stand Olivia at this point, she became such a shitty character, but I’ve always loved most of the characters here except for Olivia.

That man spilled his DNA all over this White House.


Scandal 7.11

Quinn is back and Mellie talking about her mammogram was one of the two good scenes.

Shut up, eat your melon.


Scandal 7.12

Shut up Olivia, I love Megabus, it’s cheap and takes me to London without paying the city centre entry fee every time I need to buy somthing nice for myself and look at pretty architecture.

You had to haul your broke ass on the megabus to beg for my help.


Modern Family 9.14

It was good enough, especially Joe being in love with Claire. When did Mitch and Cam get boring?


The Good Fight 2.01

How did I not know Audra McDonald joined the cast! And how did Howard become a judge! He does not like wearing his trousers and forgets things.

I just have a few questions.
Oh dear God.
So, let’s talk about your job, miss.
He thought we were getting too close.
You said you worked at an amusement park?
And Alicia Florrick. I went to school with her.


The Simpsons 29.10

I’m just intellectually drunk.
Hey kid, I want to show you something.
Are you a pervert?
A beautiful hotel bar, just like in The Shining.


The Good Doctor 1.10

Oh, look it’s the Grey’s Anatomy wanna be.


The Good Doctor 1.11


Absentia 1.08

Emily’s son and his new mom are kidnapped and at first we assume it was most likely done by Charles, Emily’s friend/nemesis from the children’s home she grew up in. Emily poses as a patient at the mental institution Charles lives in and we learn that all the children hated her for something. Charles does not reveal who Patient B is, but we he is in fact Patient A. I really thought he would say she is patient B, but he didn’t which does not exclude her.

You want me to hurt you or her?
Hurt me.


Absentia 1.09


Absentia 1.10

This show finally got good enough seconds before it wrapped.


Film Reviews: Molly’s Game. Wonder. Paddington 2. Elizabeth Smart: Autobiography. A Bad Moms Christmas. Murder on the Orient Express. All the Money in the World. Kappen! Paulina. Sister Cities. Switched for Christmas. Finding Santa. When Calls the Heart: The Christmas Wishing Tree. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Tin Toy. The Blue Umbrella. Keeper. Cinderella


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Molly’s Game

I really enjoyed Jessica’s narration. Everything else worked fine as well.



The mother-husband, father-son and mother-son relationships worked really well here. The only flaw was how unrealistic it got after everyone suddenly accepted the kid and then he won an award for it. It’s been a while since I genuinely liked Julia Roberts’s character and she was very likeable in this. I should also add that I cried through most of the film.


Paddington 2

Absolutely wonderful! Paddington truly is one of England’s treasures. The sequel fixed the first one’s shortcomings, and every scene was just perfect. I certainly appreciated the Browns coming back to the Paddington Station for a short scene! This is where I lost it and cried at the cinema.


MV5BZDJiNWY1ZDktNTZlYy00MjZhLTk4NGUtYzNjY2JhYjA3ZGNkXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMzQ4MjIyNzM@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,666,1000_AL_ MV5BMTUwNTA4MDMxNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMjE4NjQ0MzI@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,674,1000_AL_ MV5BNGFmM2NmYjYtMjAwNy00ZDkzLWI3ZWMtOGZhOTRhYzQwMTA0XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNzU2MzMyNTI@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,674,1000_AL_

Elizabeth Smart: Autobiography

This was the best film I’ve seen this year, and not because I’ve been following this tragic story since 2002. Because of it though, I cried every time they showed Elizabeth’s father, as I remember all of his press conferences and TV appearances. The overwhelming and triggering part of this documentary was when Elizabeth recalled what she believed to be the definition of intercourse, seconds before the first rape. She believed intercourse can only happen if two people are facing each other. It was a really good documentary, an honest and heartbreaking adaptation of Elizabeth Smart’s first book.


A Bad Moms Christmas

Where do I sign the petition for the Bad Moms spin off with Christine Baranski, Cheryl Hines and Susan Sarandon?

I haven’t seen the first part, but I was nicely surprised by this one. The audience was full of 20-something girls screaming and laughing every 3 minutes and this was one of the most fun cinema experiences I’ve had in years.


Murder on the Orient Express

I can’t decide whether it’s this adaptation that I didn’t like or the book itself.



All the Money in the World

I couldn’t care either way and the ear scene was too much even for a horror maniac like me.



Nicely surprised!



What is wrong with this girl? They raped you, blame them! Be angry with them! How can you be this forgiving? The minute I found this film on TV, I thought I would love it, but the survivor’s behavior was just appalling. The father’s reaction throughout the entire film was amazing though. I would recommend the film just to see what emotional and phisical hell he’s going through after his daughter’s rape.



Sister Cities

My dad enjoyed it more than I did, and I’m the one who’s been following Stana and Michelle’s careers since day 1.


Switched for Christmas

I enjoyed this one much more than Candace’s last year’s Christmas film. I agree they should have made the difference between the two Candaces clearer. The film had too many characters and the pace was too fast. By the end even I couldn’t tell which Candace is which guy talking to, as the lads looked just as alike as the two Candaces.


Finding Santa

I love Jodie, I loved her growing up, I loved the painfully honest book she wrote about her addiction and I love Full House. But I have yet to find a Jodie Sweetin film I actually like.



When Calls the Heart: The Christmas Wishing Tree

Rosemary is still my favorite. Since the pastor did not even bother to show up for Christmas, is it finally acceptable to ship Abigail with Henry? He may be the villain, but he’s been obsessed with her since day one and the chemistry between them is off the charts. Erin’s awful wig will annoy me all season, I can already feel it. I cringed at all Elizabeth/Jack scenes, what happened to them? This just felt awkward and uncomfortable all episode long. Was that The Greatest Showman reference intentional? Oh yeah and did I mention that shitty wig that only distracted me about 40 times? I will rewatch it on Saturday with my family and I honestly cannot wait.


Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

So many hilarious scenes to choose from. Plus, Michael Caine did an Aussie accent for 30 seconds and that was my favorite part. I’ve never noticed how charming Glynn Headly’s voice was. It’s sad Steve Martin hasn’t done anything remotely interesting since the Pink Panters and the Cheaper by the Dozens.


Tin Toy

That was a true horror and it bothers me that I can’t make out when and where I’ve seen this short before.


MV5BMTUxMDczNTI3OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjY3MTExOQ@@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,670,1000_AL_ MV5BMjM0MzgzNDU4NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNjE2OTc2NjE@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,706,1000_AL_ MV5BMjMxODYyODEzN15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMDk4OTU0MzE@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,674,1000_AL_

The Blue Umbrella

I can’t put my mind around where I’ve seen this before. They must have showed it along with film trailers at my local cinema. I thought it was at one of these marathons I used to go to, but that was back in 2011 – 2012, so that can’t be it. This is gonna bother me all day. Oh well, this is a good short.



So simple and we’ve seen this story many times, yet so good.



The glass shoes were nice though.



Film Reviews: The Tree of Life. Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri. A Most Violent Year. First They Killed My Father. The Florida Project. The Greatest Showman. Darkest Hour. Prom Night. Coco. Insidious 4: The Last Key. The Commuter


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MV5BMTMwNjQ0NjMzN15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjMxMTkyNA@@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,680,1000_AL_ MV5BMTExNzcxODQ4NzdeQTJeQWpwZ15BbWU4MDg1NDMwMjQz._V1_ MV5BMTk0OTg5MDU2Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMzU0NjM3MjE@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,674,1000_AL_

The Tree of Life

Beautiful study of life, God and existence. The film has such a slow pace and magic to it, that it almost does not feel real. It could use a little less nature pictures. In the first thirty minutes it feels like Terrance is trying to fill in the gaps to prolong screen time. He should have allocated that time to focus on Jessica Chastain, the real treasure of this film. If I ever show this movie to my family and friends, I will fast forward the long period of water, nature and dinosaurs, as it truly is not for anyone who is not artsy. I wonder what the audition for any of these characters looked like since they barely say anything. Brad Pitt’s character turns out to be a bit abusive, teaching his three sons to fight and punishing them for every small thing like laughing at the dinner table, and waking him up by closing the doors loudly. I especially liked the ‘You will stand there and close this door quietly fifty times’ punishment. Needless to say, the boys are happy when the father is away. Along the way, their school friend drowns, and Jack, the oldest son, asks God, how could he let a little boy die. We also learn the oldest boy is angry and likes to torture animals. There’s also an awkward scene where Jack takes his neighbor’s nightgown and ashamed of his first sexual desires, sends it with the river’s current. This scene could only be better, if the nightgown belonged to his mother. The film ends with Jack reconciling with his family in heaven. It’s not clear why or if Jack dies at the age of 40 something, and why his second brother, also in his 40s is in heaven too. The Tree of Life, although beautiful, is not a title you will watch more than once, because of how utterly depressed it leaves you.


Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri

The only way this could be even better is if we actually learned who raped and killed the daughter.


A Most Violent Year

Knowing of Jessica’s personal tragedy, I have no idea how she found the strength to film the two devastating scenes when two characters, one accidentally, point a gun at themselves. I am in awe and shock. The film itself was far more interesting than I expected it to be.


MV5BMTgzOTQ1NDUwOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNjAwNTkwMzI@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,674,1000_AL_ MV5BMjg4ZmY1MmItMjFjOS00ZTg2LWJjNDYtNDM2YmM2NzhiNmZhXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNTAzMTY4MDA@._V1_SY1000_SX675_AL_ MV5BYjQ0ZWJkYjMtYjJmYS00MjJiLTg3NTYtMmIzN2E2Y2YwZmUyXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjk5NDA3OTk@._V1_SY1000_SX675_AL_

First They Killed My Father

Another masterpiece from Angelina Jolie.


The Florida Project

Those kids sure were annoying and so was the mother. That did not stop this ‘project’ from turning out to be one of this year’s most impressive.

Also, get a fucking job. You have a kid and you’re selling perfumes out of a shopping bag. You could easily get a temporary job packing some products at a local warehouse, but sure be a bum.


The Greatest Showman

One of the best cinema experiences I’ve had.


MV5BMTgwNzE3NDcwNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMjI2MzI0NDM@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,697,1000_AL_ MV5BMjE1MGI1NzItZTc3Mi00NWVmLTk4NGMtYmFkZjg3YjRhNmM0XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTQxNzMzNDI@._V1_ MV5BMTY5MDk4NTQ2MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNzIzNDAxNDM@._V1_

Darkest Hour

Dozed off about 10 times at the cinema. Churchill kept saying the same thing over and over for two hours and there was no action whatsoever.


Prom Night

I’ve had that opening scene stuck in my head for 20 years. Good to put a name to a memory. I watched the remake on the same day, and it was only half this good.



Beautiful take on Mexico’s most intriguing tradition.


MV5BZDhiNDcyZmQtNTI1Ny00NmQ3LWE1YjQtOGI2NjhjODM1NDJhXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjMxMDgyNzQ@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,682,1000_AL_ MV5BNDg1MjkwOTE3MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMjAzODYyNDM@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,674,1000_AL_

Insidious 4: The Last Key

I love the Insidious series, when I heard Spencer Locke joined the cast I was over the moon. Needless to say, I was disappointed. Sure, it was better than the third one and I cried every time Elise ran into her brother, but It lacked so much.


The Commuter

This was exciting, but all Liam Neeson centred thrillers/action films are. I am happy I went to see it at the cinema, especially because of the impressive scene where the train finally derails. If only Vera Farmiga was in more than two scenes.







Greys 14.06. Greys 14.07. The Middle 9.06. HTGAWM 4.06. HTGAWM 4.07. Scandal 7.05. The Good Doctor 1.06. The Simpsons 29.05. Modern Family 9.06. The Goldbergs 5.06. AHS 7.10. AHS 7.11. Riverdale 2.05. Riverdale 2.06. Absentia 1.05. Absentia 1.06. Absentia 1.07. The Good Place 2.02. The Good Place 2.03


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Greys 14.06

If you’re not disapointed that Arizona’s girlfriend is bi and not gay, you’re lying to yourself.

What’s your specialty?
You were nominated for a Harper Avery!


Greys 14.07

Congrats to Greys on 300 episodes! What a nostalgic treat this week’s episode was! I noticed Kate Burton’s name in the opening credits, yet I lost it when I saw her up in the gallery cheering Meredith on!

RIP George, Lexie, Mark, Derek & Ellis!


The Middle 9.06

I saw Cindy hatless!
She’s not wearing her Safar hat?
That she’s decided to be normal?
Showering day off!
Did you get your period in class and you weren’t prepared. I’m a good listener.
I figured the next famiy meeting we’d be having would be whether to pull life support off of my mom or dad.
You can pull it right now.
Let the record show that Sue is lame.
Speaking od wrapping, you want to wrap this up.
I’m the face of this family.
I’ve worned the same outfit for the last 3 weeks.
You gave us this lie, not exactly something to brag about.
See you on pull the plug day.
Don’t you dance despite me.



Bonnie and Asher over Michaela and Asher.
I tried to take my life. After that picture.
Bonnie found me on the bathroom floor, Sam never knew.
I messed everything up.




Scandal 7.05

One more time they mention Bushran and I will quit this show in its final season. Why is this season so bad?

You killed Luna Vargas?


The Good Doctor 1.06

Remember when Izzie drilled a hole in the guy’s head during the ferry crash on Grey’s? Well The Good Doctor writers knicked that idea and it made me upset.

It’s dead in here.
That’s why they call in the graveyard shift.
Trama color coding, who knows it?
Green, walking, Yellow – wounded, red needs immediate attention.
Black goes straight to morgue.
Let’s go, trauma three.
Nice work doctor Murphy.
We need to go back.
To the crash site.
He moved, it work.
You inserted the tube to far.
I drilled a perfect hole and I screwed up her intubation?
I loved Steve and my rabbit.


The Simpsons 29.05

I need to see your diaper.
Your pupils aren’t ready for earth light.
Thank you.
I was just wondering if you were planning on breaking into school any time soon?
Not till next month.
Please, I’ll do your homework.
Sounds like you can’t even do your homework.
She does that so she doesn’t smell like cigarrettes.
She should also get some booze gum.
You’re making that up.
Am I that creative.
30 pizzas. I can finally send my mother back to Italy.
Seems kinda thick.
They gave you a lot of reasons why you weren’t good enough.
What’s he doing here?
Didn’t we just see him yesterday?
Making our next president… Tony Hitler.
Where is my nicotine gum?
You rented my room to the town drunk?
I’m also the state drunk.
I can’t live in a college town. Can’t control myself sexually.


Modern Family 9.06

Picture me next to Gloria in a wedding dress.
He walked Gloria down the aisle.
I look stupid.
So big now.
They’re Gloria’s family. Unlike some people, they feel things.
That’s why I splipped her 3 drinks at reception.
Your own magic shop.


The Goldbergs 5.06

Mikey liked it.
I’d never thought I’d say this. bring me Adam.
Let’s get feminine.
Fuck this school.
This is unfucking believable.
He mistook the display toilet for the real deal.


AHS 7.10

So predictable since the moment she served her food.

I already have.
Doubters get no cookies.
Where’s your wife?
In the truck.
It felt fucking fantastic.
We made a mesaiah baby.


AHS 7.11

This season was  a waste of time.


Riverdale 2.05

Camilla shot in the sky. The fight, Betty waltzing in telling everyone the town’s meeting is next and finally pulling the fire exit handle.

They think you’re teen American Psycho.
The killer says you’re doing it for me.
Betty’s ponytail is iconic.
When I was a little girl, I used to be obsessed with this book.
Blackhood is coming here.


Riverdale 2.06

Proud to see a sexual assault storyline!


Absentia 1.05

We’re finally getting somewhere. Found bones.

The eye. It’s a tree.
As least as long as she was taken.


Absentia 1.06

Her friend is the sex offender who kidnapped her.
You’re receiving body cam footage.
There’s two more.
It felt like I’ve been given a second chance. This is the first day of my sobriety.


Absentia 1.07

Charlie, Emily’s friend from childhood who used to pick on her and she used to beat up is the previous victim of the chain and he is the one who kinapped Emily? Is the Barrett House, home for children the centre of it all?


The Good Place 2.02

Go fork yourself you mean giraffe.
You wish you could have a bit eof this pear.
This isn’t the good place, it’s the bad place.
Oh farts.
Sorry the door was open, did you say I’min the bad place?
This is your sould mate Tahani.
New best friends?


The Good Place 2.03

I hate this season.

So my job is to get drunk and insult people? think I can hack that.



Greys 14.05. SVU 19.04. The Middle 9.03. Modern Family 9.02. Modern Family 9.03. How to Get Away with Murder 4.03. How to Get Away with Murder 4.04. Scandal 7.02. Riverdale 2.02. Liar 1.06. The Good Doctor 1.01. The Good Doctor 1.02. The Simpsons 29.02. The Simpsons 29.03. American Horror Story 7.07. American Horror Story 7.08. Absentia 1.04


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Greys 14.05

The shocking part of this episode was that Megan was kidnapped by a woman. Was Nathan just written off Greys? Does Owen divorcing Amelia mean he’s finally going to get together with Teddy?


SVU 19.04

Youtuber is raped.

Whoever did this, please, just tell me why.
They did more than just draw on her with a sharpie, she was raped.
You’re under arrest for rape in second degree.
She wanted it. Her eyes were closed, but she was smiling.
You don’t want to feel anything.
You know I told you my name was Amanda too?
When I was your age I lived in a tiny town in Georgia and everybody gossiped and I did something stupid and I got a reputation. And that’s all I thought about.The names they were calling me.
Easy ass Amanda and worse. It took a long time, but I realized, whatever people said about me, that didn’t define me. Only I can define me. And when I was old enough and went and got this. It’s my name, Amanda, just to remind myself, that that’s who I am, not any of these other names I was branded with.
We want you to know you’re not alone.
And girls are actually more brutal.
I want you to stand up if you’ve ever been sexually assaulted.


The Middle 9.03

Why are you talking like a farm man?
Worse mistake of his life.
Do I even have a good bra?
I love your son, I love your daughter too.
I like extreme TV.
That will be 5 dollars.
Hobos carry more.
Start looking for loose change.
Or a janitor you’re inappropriately closed with.
Can yu be more specific?
I married a mud hole guy, because I love the mud hole guy.
At least the bathroom I barfed in was unbelievable.


Modern Family 9.02

What an experience this episode was!

I know it’s not a voicemail, I just don’t want to hear you whine about it.
You live in a care package.
She’s been dropping hints about wanting some wheels.
Unicicle? She definitely said wheels.
Are you forgetting something?
Whoops, that was close.
I’m on it.
A cold white people goodbye.
Turns out I really held up.
Duke is it?
How would you like to have Christmas every day?
There’s a small chance I might have definitely started the fire.
Many says its my job now.
Many was doing all of these things?
I’m going shopping with Joe.
For toys?
No, for shoes. I’m the one that’s sad, not you.
I didn’t hate that.
Extreme pressure.
You fool.
Here, you’re Haylie.
Highest possible level.
You fools.
Kinda rouned up there.


Modern Family 9.03

How did that chair broke under Phil? He didn’t move one bit!

She’s been going through this irresponsible phase.
Yeah for 25 years. I’m not gonna let her get to 26.
It’s 2 in the morning, I have to change for a party.
Every morning before I shower, I kick off my underwear. If I catch it, it’s gonna be a great day. If I don’t, disaster.
A day, you guessed it. He dropped his underwear.
The day I rollerbladed into bees, I dropped my underwear.
The day I rollerbladed into that camfire…
How about you stop rollerblading.
I need my phone, I sit at a stupid golf course all day. What else am I suppose to look at?
Did you hit something we can talk about or should I go out front and find a bidy shot that doesn’t ask questions?
I might accidentally leave her at the beach.
Yes Claire, I think ir bit me a little.
I just found out I’m still listed in her phone as Jay, red track suit.
Salads left uninstagrammed.
I just needed a quiet place to find out how they killed that mockingbird.
I missed half of 5th grade because of a pig bite and I am just as educated as anyone else.
If it makes you feel any better, my name is actually Fernando.
It does help.
Oh my God it’s Dunphy! 50 bucks to the first guy who hits him!
Is that freaking Gill?!
Just hit as fast as you can!


How to Get Away with Murder 4.03

Refund of my law school degree. I just dropped out.
In that case we are all murderers. We have all deleted a voicemail.
Connor dropped out.
I need to take a urine sample.
Connor just decided to drop out completely.
First time you met me you said I’m gonna give up my career to be a mom. I’m at the bottom of my class, I have no internship and I’m pregnant.
I hate being a failure.
These are Connor’s dads.



He was 12.
Connor gave me the courage to come out.
He should be in jail.
So should you.
She’s still hot, I’ll give her that.
Dad’s my dead baby in that suitcase.
All you do is hurt me, leave!
You’re looking that again, looking for a mommy wherever you go.
A your sober buddy, you have to drop this.
You’re back on crack and it’s called Annalise.
New patient just arrived, Julie?
Where’s the witness, over there.


Scandal 7.02

Meh. The last two seasons have been meh, until someone dies. Where the fuck is Liberty though? We haven’t seen her since season 5.

I’ve made a list of guests most prone to scandal.
Do you miss it? The White House?
I was a big dog.
I prefer being a Gladiator.
Watch out for Olivia Pope, she’s the devil.


Riverdale 2.02

Smithers was awesome, it’s heartbraking that he got sacked. Did Cheryl’s mom not know her husband killed Jason? Was this how she found out? I wish I remembered.

Miss Grundy was found murdered.
You’re a stone cold bitch, Betty Cooper.
My daddy threatened him.
Mark this day in your diary. I lied under oth for you.
A video of daddy and Jason, it might brong you peace.
Where’s Smithers?


Liar 1.06

Last one, damn it. I’m glad there will be a season 2! The lesbian relationship in this show is inspiring and I bet it’s the army chick who killed him. She’s probably my favorite character here and she’s only been in 2 scenes! I wish they showed us how Laura told the airport guy of the rape! The rapist being creepier than usual calling Laura to tell her he could have had her again whenever he wanted was the second most disturbing thing that happened on the show. Can you guess what’s the first one?

Is that him?
While you were away something happened, but please I can’t say it out loud. I can’t tell you.
If I wanted to have you again, don’t you think I could have had you whenever I wanted?
And you laying there, letting me do whatever I wanted.
I play that back whenever I get the chance, Laura?
I think he filmed us.
I feel like it’s my job to protect you.
I wasn’t there to protect you.
At least 15 women.
The tech guys told me 17.


The Good Doctor 1.01

Grey’s Anatomy for poor! This episode was a 10 and I think it’s pretty obvious i will cry on all the flashbacks to him spending time with his brother. Did Freddie’s accent get better? It used to crack on Bates Motel, but since here his character is autistic and doesn’t have outbursts of rage he easily passes for an American. Freddie Highmore has been lucky to star in 2 amazing shows. I may have teared up a few times while writing the quotes below.

I am a surgical resident.
Who here has a sharp knife.
Excuse me, excuse me please.
Apparently he’s one of our doctors.
Why were you rude to me when we first met, nice to me the second time and now you’re trying to be my friend.
I couldn’t save them. It’s sad. Neither one had a chance to become adults. They should have become adults. They should have had children of their own and loved those children and I want to make sure that’s possible for other people. And I want to make a lot of money so I can have a television.
I want to be the first to welcome you to the hospital.
Never forget, you’re the smart one. You can do anything. I’m proud of you, Sean.


The Good Doctor 1.02

No, the bus was late. I did nothing wrong.
Am I being punished for something.
I look forward to learning.
I’ll be honest and fair.
If you don’t do the test right now, I will throw a rock theough your window.
If you want to get anything in life, Sean, never be afraid.
Part of my condition is that I keep thinking about things.
Prepare an OR for surgery.


The Simpsons 29.02

Once again, learn the patient’s name.
Horrible, it looks like it was drawned by an 8 year old.
You need to start with something simple like people.
Those are people.
I want to be looking at a window, wondering if she’ll ever get out of the weight of her own expectations.
Please try to pretend I am not here.
Okay Steven.
Damn it.
Homer and Maggie eating pizza for dinner and breakfast.
You’re not my owner.
I kinda am.
Why can’t dreams come up with something new? That’s why they’re losing viewers to Netflix.
You better muzzle him, he’s a biter.
I think you may benefit from art therapy.
As the author of Persepolis.


The Simpsons 23.03

Back stabber, snob, so judgemental.
Well, an elephant does live here.
There’s no room in the trunk, sir.
You wack who you shouldn’t and you don’t wack who you should.
You;re gifted too!
Woke up too many mornings with stuffed animals whose names she didn’t know.


American Horror Story 7.07

God I hate this season. Glad to see more familiar faces though, but the whole Zodiac killer theory and Lena Dunham’s character were unnecessary. How absurd (and funnt) was it when she said women coupling with men should be killed, ironic cause her Girls character is definitely into sex with men as in too much. Which is why I don’t watch Girls. Not a prude, just too asexual for all that sex, it’s not like it’s Sex and the Citym Now that was a show. I’m liking Beverly more and more, I even don’t mind her lysp anymore.

I’m Beverly motherfucking Cole.
You’re a fool to underestimate the rage of a woman.
They’re at their best when angry. Don’t you think?
Aren’t we all?


AHS 7.08

Kill the motherfucker.
That’s incest.
As he enters you, I enter him.
What the fuck is this?
This is too screwed up. I feel like I’m being raped.
Let’s all join our new member.


Absentia 1.04

This show could not be any more boring. I am watching this for Stana Katic, but this show is a snoozeville. I hoped we would focus on the kidnapping and the captivity, but what they’re doing could be reduced to a 6 episode mini series.

You understand dick.


SVU 19.02. Greys 14.01. Greys 14.02. Greys 14.03. Greys 14.04. The Middle 9.02. How to Get Away With Murder 4.01. How to Get Away With Murder 4.02. This is Us 2.01. American Horror Story 7.01. American Horror Story 7.02. American Horror Story 7.03. American Horror Story 7.04. American Horror Story 7.05. The Goldbergs 5.02. Scandal 7.01. Liar 1.01. Liar 1.02. Liar 1.03. Liar 1.04. Liar 1.05. Absentia 1.01. Absentia 1.02. Absentia 1.03. Gifted 1.01. Gifted 1.02. SEAL Team 1.01


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I am back! It’s only been 3 weeks into the new season and I already miss my old job where I could write reviews on a weekly basis. It will be a bit easier now that Mr.Mercedes and Liar ended this week.

Congrats to Big Little Lies and The Handmaid’s Tale on all their success at Emmys! And to Sterling Brown for being recognised for his work as Randall on This is Us.
Congrats to Hollywood Darlings on being renewed for season 2! It’s my great guilty pleasure of 2017 and I mostly love it for how much Christine Lakin swears in it. I always find it unnatural how no one is ever aloud to swear on TV (thank God for Showtime) considering half of the words I say in a day are curse words.

SVU 19.02

The smartest and most valuable show is back! The girl they chose to play the victim ruined this episode for me. Her acting sucked and I’ve never seen anyone act badly on this show before. This was new and disstressing. I have mixed feelings about Brian Cassidy returning to ruin Olivia’s life just because he’s still in love with her and never wanted her to adopt a child. He shows up 3 years later and tries to take the child away from her? Shouldn’t he have moved on with his life already?

We’re being played, Liv.
God knows I trust your instincts.
A lot of kids grow up in foster care and a lot of kids have crappy lives.
They stop seeing themselves as victims, so they stop being victims.
He kissed her before she used the inhaler.
You never really look at their faces.
He said there’d never be an investigation if it wasn’t for Brian Cassidy.
Probably a singing lesson.
Would you stop you’re getting crambs everywhere.


Greys 14.01

Drop everything cause Teddy is back!


Greys 14.02

That Meredith sleeping with George reference! I always shipped Owen with Teddy and was hoping he would leave Cristina for her. Here I was thinking Arizona’s new girlfriend is perfect for her and then we learned her profession. Every episode since has been about female orgasm.


Greys 14.03

Every impulsive decision Amelia has made has been because of cancer? And she didn’t get tested for brain tumor when her child was born without one back on Private Practice 5 years ago? They’ve mentioned Richard’s brain tumor from season 1!! and Nicole Hermann!

Meredith’s psychiatrist from 2 or 3 seasons back is now a patient.

I’m a psychiatrist. I work upstairs.
It’s nice to see you, Meredith.
You’re not of sound mind and you haven’t been in years.
I hope you’ve cleared your schedule.
Who’s Nicole Hermann?
What about Meredith and Maggie?
Is Nathan in love with you?
Years ago I had a brain tumor and Derek removed it.
You’re a bigger mess than I am.
If you coukd have a scalpel in your hand at the end of your life, would you?
I’ve checked your mortality rates when you arrived at Grey Sloan. It’s a 0.9%. Derek’s was 1.3%.
Yours is better than his and he didn’t have a brain tumor.
I was proposed to with a flash mob.
This is my brain.
I have a 10cm tumor in my left frontal lobe.
Maggie, don’t cry.
Owen and Meredith don’t know either.
I’m gonna need your help telling Owen.
And you are gonna have to tell Meredith, because I can’t do it. She’s been telling me I’m crazy for years and this kind of makes me. Kind of makes her right and I hate that.


Greys 14.04

Meredith mentioning kidnapping Zola back in episode 8.01 was one of the many highlights of this episode since they never mention season 8 unless its the planecrash. I am still extremely upset that they haven’t had Tyne Daly back on the show since season freaking 5, even though Derek and Meredith got married, Derek died, Amelia got married and there were tons of ocasions she should have been a part of. They keep saying ‘nah it’s cool don’t call my mom’ at least once a season. The Beach Boys playing during surgery? This is what surgeon I would be. The interns saying innapropriate stuff like when they lost their virginity or the weather is amazing (how can it be amazing it’s Seattle) or clearly stating Grey Sloan is their second choice at the interviews. Avery inheritted quarted of a billion dollars!

In this moment, I love you people tremendously.

They can’t hear me.

I stole her. I kidnapped my own daughter.

You should call Derek.

The yellow in your eyes means you need to have your liver checked.


The Middle 9.02

I’m a school bus driver.
It turned into a whole different colour when I cleaned it.
Welcome to statistics 204.
Mom’s not aloud to come.
And the Freshmans are all taller than me.


How to Get Away With Murder 4.01

She even fired Bonnie?! I am honestly not interested in getting to know Laurel’s family and what happened to her family.


How to Get Away With Murder 4.02

This was an exceptional episode. I loved how Annalise defended her prison friend (Rose from Lost), but what happened in 4.03 ruined this for me. I can’t decided whether Analise’s or Jasmine’s monologues were better, they were both fantastic.

The luckiest thing that ever happened to me was not being chosen to be a part of her cult. Each of her interns nearly flunk out due to her drama and those are the ones still alive.
You wanna save me? Go back to when I was 13 and my daddy sold my ass to a crook for a couple of bags of smack. You know what they do to a new girl? Strip you naked and take turns. They call it wolf packing, because then you are so broken, they can work you full time. In vans, in basements and only way to get through it is to shoot up and get numb.
You think she’s you.
You mean the sexual abuse that she’d experienced as a child.
And you actually believed that a 13 year old child was making a choice to have sex with grown men for money?
All of these cases are virtually identical to my client’s. Except for one. My client was black and all those girls were white.
Many of the women that I see with addiction issues have been abused often physically, sexually.
If Jasmine were treated like a white girl, she would have been sent to a safe place to eat, sleep, maybe even given an opportunity to go to school.
Because that’s what we do to black people, women and gay people in this world. We turn a blind eye and tell them that their lives don’t matter. But they do matter.
You will be eligible for assistance and job without disclosing your criminal history.
It’s as much of a fresh start as the law will allow. The one you should have been given in 1968.
It’s the firm that represents my father.
Because he killed Wes. My father killed Wes and you’re gonna help me take him down.


This is Us 2.01

I have yet to watch episodes 2 and 3, but the ending of this one had me devastated. This is a major spoiler so scroll down if you haven’t seen it. On my way to London the other day, I saw the wreckage of the Grenfell Tower from the bus and it left me uneasy knowing the tower will probably haunt visitors for many upcoming months. The Grenfell tragedy left a huge emotional impact on the UK population, but seeing the wreckage with my own eyes made it painfully real. If you watched the episode you know why I found Jack’s death devastating, as burning alive may be one of the most awful ways to go. The episode was not perfect, but the last 60 seconds certainly were, with teenage Kate telling Randall she should be the one to tell Kevin about their father’s death.

He should hear this from me.


American Horror Story 7.01

I was enjoying this season…for the first 3 episodes, now I know better. This is even weaker than Hotel and Ranoake. And I am happy there’s no Lady Gaga this season.


American Horror Story 7.02

Someone cutting the wires, random ice cream truck, Audrey freaking out, Audrey telling her son to take his glasses before escaping from the house and all the clowns already had me hooked at that point. Now I know they’re just a bunch of stupid, childish and angry kids and despise Evan’s character and the entire Cult.

Is she okay?
We don’t scare easily.
Did she tell you I was the one that killed him?


American Horror Story 7.03

I was upset when my DVR deleted it out of the blue after only 3 watches. This episode is gold. I know there won’t be a better one this season.


American Horror Story 7.04

Emma Roberts has been brought back this season, for only one fucking episode. Wtf?!


American Horror Story 7.05

I was so glad the Hotel maid was back and then she got killed off as quickly as Emma Roberts.

You used the word cult.
There’s a cult in this city. They’re the ones responsible for all the murders.
He’s like a modern day Charles Manson.
Are you saying you believe me?


The Goldbergs 5.02

This may as well be 5.03 I’ll check later.

Any film student who spent a large part of their childhood running around with their camera, plotting film scenarios, scripts and scenes in their head will surely feel nothing but comfort when they see Adam being once again told to ‘keep making movies’. The beloved voiceover responded ‘And I did.’ This sort of the quite common now The Goldbergs thing always leaves me teary eyed.

Well that content was shockingly simple but wow, you have a video camera!
Don’t be this guy!
That’s a worrying cautionary tale.
As you know I have a video camera.
I think we all know how that held you back socially.
Yes, thanks and what the fuck is this movie.
I suggest you keep making more.
And I did.


Scandal 7.01

QPA? What is this a babysitting service?
He’s a spy. That’s what you do to spies that get caught.
Brought you a hand sanitizer.
It’s four years during which every high school freshman in this country won’t work as hard as they might if they believed their government gave a damn about them. Four years of high school graduates moving into low skill jobs because they can’t afford to take on student loans.
Do what I say and you’ll become a monument.
Which one do you want to be?
A monument. I want to be a monument.


Liar 1.01

One long SVU episode, starring Joanne Froggatt (who’s Downton Abbey character Anna Bates was also a rape survivor) and I’m just really happy this was made.

How badly does he need to hurt me for you to call it rape?
He swaped the glasses!
Are you saying he drugged you?
He is a rapist.
I’ve posted it to his page.


Liar 1.02

This is my life.
And this my body.
It’s 10 000 already.
He deserved it. She looks like a slut.
85 000 of women a year raped in the UK.
5.7% of cases reported end with a conviction.
What are you watching?
Excuse me I’m not feeling well.


Liar 1.03

I was a headmaster.
That’s what happens when everybody thinks your dad is a rapist.
You’re pregnant?
You’re just a predator.
I would tell you that I don’t drink with men who rape women.
I’ sorry we let you down.


Liar 1.04

And he raped me.
I thought I was drunk.
It felt like it happened to someone else.
He said it was my idea and I believed him.
I feel like I’m broken.
He’s done it twice, who knows how many more.
Suddenly you don’t know what’s important anymore. You’re wondering why you bother to get up in the morning, get dressed and do the same old thing day in and day out.
I’ve changed and I don’t know how to change back.
Maybe you don’t have to. Maybe you just have to learn who you are now.
You don’t get to do this to me twice.
You raped me.
I just nought GHB.


Liar 1.05

Looks like some sort of a bruise. A few actually.
I want you to test me for GHB.
You won’t get away with what you did to me.
You raped me.


Absentia 1.01

Stana Katic has a new TV Series! The pilot was great, shame the next two episodes weren’t.

You’ve been gone 6 years.


Absentia 1.02

This sucked more or less.


Absentia 1.03

Did you see how her son was thrown and hit his head! Woah this was too brutal for television and left me in a state of shock. The show isn’t that interesting, but let’s be honest, I have and will watch anything with Stana Katic.


Gifted 1.01

Not too good even for a teen show, but I’ll stick with it.


Gifted 1.02

Okay that was really bad.


SEAL Team 1.01

That was boring. I knew I should have started The Last Ship instead of this. I’m not sure I will watch more as not even David Boreanaz and Max Thierot can save it.


This is Us 1.18. Hollywood Darlings 1.07. The Good Fight 1.10. SVU 18.21. Nashville 5.12. When We Rise 1.01. When We Rise 1.02. The Handmaid’s Tale 1.01. The Handmaid’s Tale 1.03. The Handmaid’s Tale 1.04. The Handmaid’s Tale 1.05. The Handmaid’s Tale 1.06. The Handmaid’s Tale 1.07. The Handmaid’s Tale 1.08. The Leftovers 3.05. The Leftovers 3.06. The Leftovers 3.07. The Leftovers 3.08. Younger 4.01. Younger 4.02. Pretty Little Liars 7.15. Pretty Little Liars 7.17. Pretty Little Liars 7.19


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Whatever else is missing will be posted next week, and then full reviews summing up each show before the new seasons start.

This is Us 1.18

Sara Paxton guest stars in this so-so episode.


Hollywood Darlings 1.07

I really hope this gets a second season.

Put your fucking hand down.
How rude.


The Good Fight 1.10

Your dad fled, you’re under arrest.


SVU 18.21

For SVU, it was such a shitty episode.

The next dead woman on the floor, that could be you.


Nashville 5.12

God bless Nashville for mentioning Daria.

When kids at school treat me like crap for being different, your music gets me through.
Oh my god, Daria! I love that show!
I know about depression.
You can’t push that kind of pain away, you gotta own it, deal with it every day. That’s what people do. They fail each other. So try again. Fail better.


Handmaid’s Tale 1.01

There’s an eye in your house, be careful.

I guess I need to rewatch 1.02 as the notes I took have gone missing


Handmaid’s Take 1.03

Alexis’s scream at the end and her facial expressions gained her an Emmy nomination and I couldn’t be happier for her!

Why only women?
I will resign my body to the use of others.
She was very pleasant looking.
In what way?
Did she ever touch you?
Did you know she was the gender trader?
You didn’t report it to your mistress?
But you knew what she was?
I knew she was gay.
That satan was an offense to God. She was a disguisting beast.
Because she was my friend.
Don’t! She’s pregnant!
No ice cream for you this month, young lady.
You won’t want what you can’t have.


The Handmaid’s Tale 1.04

God found a way to make you useful.


The Handmaid’s Tale 1.05

Rory Gilmore ran over some dude in this episode, woah.

Maybe we should skip tonight’s ceremony.
You can’t be sick every month.
Children. What else is there to live for?


The Handmaid’s Tale 1.06

Second to best episode after that wonderful 1.03 and who would have tjought the husband is alive?!

The children . All brought to you by pur handmaids.
They want to trade us dummy.
They don’t rape you, do they?
And stick his cock up your ass.
They rape me. Once a month.
I didn’t choose this.
They took my daughter.
Don’t be sorry. Please do something.
My country is dying.
My country is already dead.


The Handmaid’s Tale 1.07

They took my wife and daughter.
Gather them up for fertility reasons.
So she’s alive.


The Handmaid’s Tale 1.08

All should be collected and impregnated.
Maybe wife should be there for the act.
I will not be that girl in the box.


The Leftovers 3.05

And he shits 4 times a day.
I’m not one of those lunatics.


The Leftovers 3.06

Lorrie finally told Kevin about the baby she lost during the Departure.

I was pregnant, 16 weeks.


The Leftovers 3.07

Always a pleasure to hear the Beach Boys songs be used on TV shows and it happens more and more often recently! How disturbing was Kevin scanning his dick to get access to that freaking building?

Anyone can have your face, but not your penis.


The Leftovers 3.08

The series finale was not exactly what I expected, but at least we got some answers. Remember when back in season one Tom and Damien said we’d never learn what happened to the Departured, because the show is about the one who remained on Earth and their grief? Well I guess HBO pressured them for answers and I’m really glad they did. Why would Jill have her first kid in her late 40s though? How old is Kevin supposed to be in the end, late 60s? Goodbye, The Leftovers!

So you’re saying it’s your first time in Australia?
Jill married a great guy and has a daughter almost 1 year old.
How’s your dad?
Good, he’s 91.
I talk to Lorrie sometimes.
I didn’t change my mind. I went through. I walked through M
appletown. At first I didn’t recognise them. A boy, a teenager and a girl, 11 years old. I was aghost who had no place there. And that, Kevin is when I changed my mind. So much time had past. It was too late.


When We Rise 1.01

It’s shocking how I haven’t caught up on this show yet.

The lesbian thing.
The fact that someone is homosexual automatically rules out the possibility that he’ll remain happy for long.
I’m gay, dad. I’m gay.
It’s an illnes. It can be treated.
San Francisco is where we were told we could find our harbour.
Get your dyke face out of my station.
But I’m not a dyke.
God saves us gays.
I’m not one of them.
Be fabulous.
I’m not that sexual.
I need you to bring all the boys like you.
I worried I was a homosexual when I was 16, for a year.
Have you ever been arrested?
No, but I’m looking forward to it.
You love women, Roma.
Being black isn’t the only thing that is different about me.


When we Rise 1.02

Something natural. 8 colors.

I want you to be happy. And I don’t think this lifestyle will let you be that.
We’re lesbians. We show up. That’s what we do.
We are the lesbians and gays of San Francisco.
We are going to live.


Younger 4.01

Josh, I know everything.
You broke my heart.


Younger 4.02

You deserve better. You deserve someone who will treasure you.
20 something drama. Can’t stop them from acting their age.


Pretty Little Liars 7.15

I have to do this. Of course you do, that’s what makes you Emily.
Playing with people’s lives is an addiction.


Pretty Little Liars 7.17

I guess some dreams are meant to be just that, dreams.
I want to marry your daughter.
I thought you were ready to leave this town.
I am, just not the people in it.


Pretty Little Liars 7.19

Somebody’s always stealing the game from me.
This is Rosewood, Mona. Not Area 51.
Jump or I’ll push you.
Mona killed Charlotte.
She went into a safe place. Before anything bad happened.
Did you murder Jessica DiLaurentis? Yes.
She did this for you.
That’s what dying feels like.